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Annals of Biological Research

2010: Volume 1, Issue 3

Biodegradation of cellulose and xylan by a paddy pest, Oxya chinensis
Author(s): Amtul Jamil Sami, Farhana Tabassum and A. R. Shakoori

Biological action and medicinal properties of various constituent of Azadirachta indica (Meliaceae)” an Overview
Author(s): P. Sudhir Kumar, Debasis Mishra, Goutam Ghosh and Chandra S. Panda

A study on drug-drug interaction between anti-hypertensive drug (propranolol) and anti-diabetic drug (glipizide)
Author(s): B. Parameshappa, N. Venkat Rao1, T. Shivaraj Gouda1, Saikat Sen*, Raja Chakraborty, Md Ali Basha2, S. Ashok Reddy and S.M. Shanta Kumar1

Evaluation of different urinary constituent ratios in renal stone formers
Author(s): Seema L. Jawalekar, Ujjwala J. Kulkarni, Vasant T. Surve and Anil Bhutey

Biological activities of Withania somnifera
Author(s): G. Singh, P. K. Sharma, R. Dudhe and S. Singh

Prevalence of malaria parasite among blood donors in Lagos University teaching hospital, Lagos Nigeria
Author(s): Agboola T. F, Ajayi M.B, Adeleke M.A and Gyang P.V

Anti-tumor activity of aqueous extract of Biophytum sensitivum Linn
Author(s): V. H. Bhaskar and V. Rajalakshmi

Evaluation of Anti bacterial and antifungal activities of Cassia occidentalis Linn root extracts
Author(s): Krishna Mohan Chinnala, Jithendra Debtha, Vidya Sagar Jenugu Srinivas Ampati

Development of a co-dominant CMS-specific ALP marker in Tobacco (Nicotinia tabacum)
Author(s): Asadollah Ahmadikhah and Abbas IranNejad

Differentially expressed transcripts of wild and cultivated jute (Corchorus spp.) varieties upon fungal (Macrophomina phaseolina) infection
Author(s): Niaz Mahmood , Muhammad Shafiul Azam, Md. Shahidul Islam, Sazia Sharmin, Mahdi Muhammad Moosa, Md. Amzad Hossain and Haseena Khan,

Microbial fuel cells: A green technology for power generation
Author(s): D. Singh, D. Pratap, Y. Baranwal, B. Kumar and R. K. Chaudhary

Role of antioxidants and oxidative stress in cardiovascular diseases
Author(s): Subash Vijaya kumar, G. Saritha, Md. Fareedullah

Essential Oil: Production for Health Care in Current Scenario
Author(s): Atul Katiyar, Dhananjay Singh and B.N. Mishra