Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-2-issue-5-year-2011.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 2, Issue 5 Relative Expression Of Hepatocyte Growth Factor In Cerebrospinal Fluid During Mouse Embryonic Development And Early Postnatal Stage A Western Blot Analysis Farhad Mashayekhi and Zivar Salehi The Effect Of Mental Practice As A Practical Supplementary On Performance And Learning Of Basketball Free Shot In Male And Female University Students Ahdiyeh YADOLAZADEH, Mir Hamid SALEHIAN, Mahbubeh KARBALAIE, Bahareh BEHAEEIN, Mahmmud PIRUZFAR and Mahdi KHODAPARAST Dual properties of seaweed Enteromorpha intestinalis on the growth and disease resistance in Etroplus suratensis P. Neelakandan, S. Ravikumar and A. Purushothaman The effect of biological and chemical fertilizers on protein content in Artemisia annua L leaves Mohammad Hosein Bijeh keshavarzi and Seyed Mohsen Mousavi Nik Variations in heterotrophic bacteria and phosphate solubilizing bacteria from Karangadu and Devipattinam coast Palk Strait Southeast coast of India V. Sri Ramkumar, E. Kannapiran and M. Magesh Echinacea purpura and Carumcopticum extract improve performance carcass quality but not effect on blood parameters and Immune System in broiler chicken Mahmoud Pooryousef Myandoab and Navid Hosseini Mansoub Inoculation effect of nitrogenfixing and phosphatesolubilizing bacteria to promote growth of black gram Phaseolus mungo Roxb Eng E. Kannapiran and V. Sri Ramkumar Effect on human sperm mitochondrial activity by Piper betle and Calendula officinalis Arvind Singh, Sushila Kala, Deepak N. Kapoor, Richa Gupta, Antar Virk, Samarjeet Singh and Jyoti Chaudhary Effect of Thyme Methanolic Extract on the Metobolizable Energy of Canola Meal for Ruminant Mohammad Salamatazar, Ramin Salamatdoust-nobar, Naser Maheri Sis, Ali Noshadi, Saeid Najafyar, Bakhshali Khodaparast, Hamed Aminipour, Navid Rezayi, Morteza Kiyani Nahand Zataria multiflora Extract Affect in Vitro gas producing techniques Rumen Microbial Fermentation Mohammad Salamat Azar, Saeid Najafyar, Navid Rezaei, Hamed Aminipour Evaluation effect of Zataria multiflora water extract on degradibility of soybean meal with gas product technique Mohammad Salamatazar, Ramin Salamatdoust-nobar, Naser Maheri Sis, Saeid Najafyar, Bakhshali Khodaparast, Hamed Aminipour, Navid Rezayi, Morteza Kiyani Nahand The replacement effects of peppermint Lamiaceaementhapiperita by nettle Urticadioica in mixture of different levels of medicinal plants on carcass traits in female and male broilers Ali Nobakht, Navid HosseiniMansoub and Mohammad Ali Mohammad Nezhady Effect of different levels of Sumac Powder Rhus Coriaria Lon performance carcass and blood parameters of broilerChickens Navid Hosseini Mansoub Phytochemical screening and in vitro antioxidant activities of the ethanolic extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis L Anusha Bhaskar Nithya, V and Vidhya, V.G Child care practices and the nutritional status of infants of working mothers in day care centres in Oshun State Nigeria Amosu A M; Atulomah N O S;Thomas M A; M F Olanrewaju and Degun A M Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of Achyranthes aspera An in vitro study Abi Beaulah G, Mohamed Sadiq A and Jaya Santhi R Comparative effects of aerobic training and whole body vibration on plasma adiponectin and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic men Mohammad-Ali Azarbayjani, Lale Behboudi, H Aghaalinejad, M Salavati, Fungi associated with harvested corn grains of Golestan province in Iran Abedi-Tizaki Mostafa and Sabbagh seyed kazem Effect of ResistanceBalance training on dynamic balance in active elderly males Jabbar Bashiri, Hamdollah Hadi, Seyed Davoud Razavi, Mahdi Bashiri, Studies on the proximate analysis of Solanum aethiopicum Lactuca taraxacifolia and Talinum triangulare and potential cytotoxic effects of their aqueous extract using Allium cepa assay Yekeen, T. A., Adetiba, O. A., Azeez, M. A., Falodun, M. A., Akintaro, S. I. and Yekeen, T. A. Toxic effect of cadmium on germination seedling growth and proline content of Milk thistle Silybum marianum Mousa Khatamipour, Eissa Piri, Yaser Esmaeilian and Abolfazl Tavassoli Implementation of GIS in Natural Resources Alireza Eslami, Bahman Sotoudeh Foumani, Rahim Khazraei, Zahra Pourjafar, Kobra Ghaebi, Salma Dehghanzad, Zeinab Karimi and Roghayyeh Kheirandish Change in some of soybean seed characteristics in response to leaflet and pod removal treatments Soheil Kobraee and Keyvan Shamsi Effect of different irrigation level on yield potato Elnaz Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi, Mehrdad Yarnia, Noshin Farajzadeh and Vahid Ahmadzadeh Assessment of the effect of homoeopathic nosodes in subclinical bovine mastitis Mehdi Kiarazm, Parviz Tajik and Hamid Ghasemzadeh Nava Influence of Cobalt 60 radiation on the Rat Lung Navid Hosseini Mansoub The evaluation of different levels of Nigella Sativaseedon performance andblood parameters of broilers Jafar Pish Jang The effect of additional choline supplement and its effect on Japanese quails Coturnix coturnix japonica performance and visceral organs weight in corn and Iranian soybean meal based diet Y. Ebrahimnezhad, M. H. Tajaddini, A. R. Ahmadzadeh, H. Aghdam Shahryar and J. Ghiasi Galekandi Effect of different levels of coriander oilon performance and blood parameters of broilerChickens Jafar Pish Jang Influence of two herbal extracts on performance carcass quality and blood parameters in broiler chicken Saber Khodaei Ashan Effect of Herbal oil on performance carcass quality blood parameters and Immune System in female broiler chicken Saber Khodaei Ashan Ecobiology and artificial culture of a rare economic plant from an unregulated Himalayan river ecosystem Jitu Buragohain, Debojit Baruah and Sarada Kanta Sarma A simple diagnostic tool for measuring river health example from a tropical snow fed river Debojit Baruah; Sabita Borah; Lakhi Prasad Hazarika; Ranjit Dutta; Bikramaditya Bakalial; Shayama Prasad Biswas and Sarada Kanta Sarma The Role of Educational Factors in Adopting Agricultural Insurance to Reduce Risks by Livestock Owners Case Study Golestan Province Seyed Jamal Hosseini and Narges Hassanabadi Zadeh The study of relationship between helicobacter pylori and Iron Deficiency Anemia in patient who referred to hematological clinic in Educational Emam Khomeini hospital Masome Rabieipoor, Davood Maleki, Jafar Kazemzade, Soheila Rabieipoor, Ramin Behrozian and Mir Amir Agdashi Histological Study of Testes and Sperm Parameters in Adult Mice Exposed to 50 Hz Electromagnetic Field during Developmental Period Bushra A. Hamdi, Leila Roshangar, Amir A. Khaki, Jafar Soleimani-Rad Study of coadministration of Fexofenadine and fluconazole induced electrocardiogram changes in Dog Mehrdad NeshatGharamaleki, Reza Izadyar , Saeid Safarmashaei Effect of Choline Chloride Supplement on Livers and Bloods Cholesterol and Triglyceride Contents in Japanese Quail Fouladi, Peyman. Salamat Doust Nobar, Ramin. Ahmadzade, Alireza. Aghdam shahriar, Habib. Agajanzade, Abolfazl Effect of Canola Oil on the Internal organs and Carcass Weight of Japanese Quail Fouladi, Peyman. Salamat Doust Nobar, Ramin. Ahmadzade, Alireza. Aghdam shahriar, Habib. Agajanzade, Abolfazl Effect of Choline Chloride Supplement on the Internal Organs and Carcass Weight of Japanese quail Fouladi, Peyman. Salamat Doust Nobar, Ramin. Ahmadzade, Alireza. Aghdam Shahriar, Habib. Agajanzade, Abolfazl Production characterization and safety of wine obtained from a blend of tomato almond orange lemon and African star apple extract Asuk, Atamgba Agbor; Umoh, Ime Ben; Eteng, Mbeh Ubana; Jayeola, Christiana Olayinka; Akpanyung, Edet Okon Effects of drought stress on yield and yield components of soybean Saeed Kobraei, Ali Etminan, Reza Mohammadi, and Soheil Kobraee Evaluation of herbal plant on different parameters of Laying Hens Navid Hosseini Mansoub Uropathogens and their Drug susceptibility patterns among pregnant women in a teaching hospital Shazia Parveen .S, Sharada.V.Reddy, M.V.Rama Rao, Janardhan Rao.R Effect of holding disabilities international championship on tennis Sport Tourism Case Study International tennis tournament with disabilities Malaysia Asghar SHAHR ESFANGREH and Amir hamzeh Safabkhsh An etiological investigational of hearing loss in patients admitted to ENT clinics Hassan Latifi, Farhad Jamali, Ahmad Parvaresh, Peyman Mikaili, Maryam Forouzin, Kaveh Latifi Assessment of relation between soil characteristics and wood species biodiversity in several size gaps Saeid Shabani , Moslem Akbarinia, Gholam Ali Jalali Allelopathy extracts various parts of pigweed germination and seedling growth corn Elnaz Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi and Mehrdad Yarnia The influence of microtopography on forest patches behavior in mixed hardwood forests Saeid Shabani, Moslem Akbarinia, Gholam Ali Jalali Drought effects on morphological traits of bean Phaseolus vulgaris L genotypes N. Farjzadeh memari tabrizi, V. Rashidi Effect of Allelopathic combinations corn on the important biodiversity of weeds Elnaz Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi and Mehrdad Yarnia Somatic embryogenesis in different root segments of Punica granatum L Madhuri Sharon*, Shailja Sinha and Manisha Sharan Glutamine andGlutathione peroxidase activity GPX and Total Antioxidant Capacity TAS inPrepartum in Holstein Dry Cows T. Tanha, H. Amanlou, M. Chamani, Y. Ebrahimnezhad, R.Salamatdost,N .Maheri, M.Fathi Survey of Skin Disease in Schizophrenia patients visiting psychiatry clinics in Razi and Sina hospital in 2007 to2008 Tabriz in Iran Mehdi Amirnia, Shalaleh Ganji, Asghar arfaei, Majid Khanmohammmadi Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in muscle tissue of fishes from selected aquaculture ponds in east Kolkata wetlands Bhupander Kumar, D. P. Mukherjee, Sanjay Kumar, Meenu Mishra, Dev Prakash, S.K. Singh and C. S. Sharma Seropervalence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in Sheep by Sabin Feldman Dye Test SFDT and Latex Agglutination Test LAT in Northwest Iran Reza Vajdi Hokmabad, Majid Khanmohammadi, Hossein Hamshemzadeh Farhang Empowering of oromieh university female students in related to their sexual and reproductive health by peer education method Soheila Rabieipoor , Lale Taskin, Peyman Mikaili Isolation of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from the sediments of Thondi coast Palk Strait Southeast coast of India E. Kannapiran and V. Sri Ramkumar Effects of UVA and UVC radiation on some morphological and physiological parameters in Savory Satureja hortensis L Parisa Rahimzadeh, Siavash Hosseini, Kamalaadin Dilmaghani An epidemiological study of nosocomial infections in the patientsadmitted in the intensive care unit of Urmia Imam Reza Hospital An etiological investigation Rahim Baghaei , Peyman Mikaili , Davood Nourani , Hamid Reza Khalkhali Investigation of Personality Traits and Volunteers Motivational Factors in University Sport in Islamic Iran Azad University Lamia MIRHEIDARI, Amir GHIAMI RAD, Reza ROSTAMIFARD AHARI Amniotic fluid TGF1 concentration during chick embryonic development Ebrahim Mirzajani, Saeedeh Dejhagah, Farhad Mashayekhi, Ali Nikpay and Shohreh Siyam Callus production under different culture medium in Pluchea lanceolata A perennial medicinal plant Aman Verma and Nidhi Jain Studies of changes in chlorophyll content in Artemisia annua L under the effects of biological and chemical fertilizers Seyed Mohsen Mousavi Nik; Mohammad Hosein Bijeh keshavarzi; Mostafa Heidari; Gholam Reza Yarahmadi Effect of activated charcoal growth supplements and storage on removing dormancy germination indices and vigour of Ash Fraxinus excelsior L Meisam Mojarabi, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Nasr, Hamid Jalilvand, Yahya Kooch Effect of Exercise at Different Times of Day on the Inflammatory markers of cardiovascular disease Risk in Obese Men Maghsoud Peeri, Mohsen Assarzadeh, M.Ali Azarbayjani, Hamid Agaalinejad Effect of 6 months moderate aerobic training on CD25 IL2 and salivary IgA concentration in elderly men Mohsen Akbarpour; Mohsen Assarzadeh; Jabbar Bashiri The study of religious beliefs among male athletes and non athletes Gasem ELYASI, Parisa SEDAGATI, Mir Hamid SALEHIAN Comparison of Career Anchors and Organizational Commitment among Physical Education and NonPhysical Education faculties of Iran Islamic Azad Universities Ali-Mohammad AMIRTASH, Seyyed Amir Ahmad MOZAFARI , Kazem MEHRI, Mohammad NASIRI and Mir Hamid SALEHIAN The effects of Whole Body Vibration Exercise and subsequent detraining on body balance in elderly females Jabbar Bashiri, Hamdollah Hadi, Mahdi Bashiri, Sorayya Narimanpour and Solmaz Kazemi Epidemiological studies on fauna and prevalence of parasite helminthes on Red Fox Vulpes vulpes in Sarab district East Azerbaijan Province Iran Khanmohammadi M. ,*Fallah E. Reyhani rad S. Effect of caffeine gum ingestion on blood lactate and glucose during 1500m running Hassan Farhadi, Hamdollah Hadi and Mahdi Ahmadi Sabegh Comparison of two different extraction techniques by SPME in study of female specific volatile components of the Iranian populations of Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zeller Lepidoptera Pyralidae Sedigheh Farzaneh Kenari, Arman Avand Faghih, Sohrab Imani, Mehrdad Tabrizian Affective Factors in Improving Sustainable Forest Management in Iran Seyed Jamal F. Hosseini The Effect of Aquatic Whole Body Vibration and concurrent aquatic and Whole Body Vibration Training on Dynamic Balance in Elderly females Jabbar Bashiri and Hamdollah Hadi A protocol for in vitro shoot regeneration from apical buds of Albizzia lebbeck L Benth Ananya Borthakur, Suresh Chandra Das, Mohan Chandra Kalita and Priyabrata Sen A Study of Tree Distribution in Diameter Classes in Natural Forests of Iran Case Study Liresara Forest Sheykholeslami A. , Kia Pasha, Kh. and Kia Lashaki A. The Effect of Different Levels of Virginiamycin on Performance Immune organs and Blood Metabolite of Broiler Chickens Farhad Ahmadi The effect of aerobic training on the immune system of aging men Maghsoud Peeri, Mohammad Ali Azarbayjani, Mohsen Akbarpour, Mansor Ebrahimi Effects of Thyme Methanolic Extract on Dry Matter Degradation of Sunflower Meal Using Nylon Bag Technique Mohammad Salamat Azar, Saeid Najafyar, Hamed Aminipour, Navid Rezaei Relation Of Anthropometric Characteristics In Women With Different Types Of Ms And Comparison With Health Ones Bahareh BEHAEEIN, Ahdiyeh YADOLAZADEH, Hadi SAME, Sudabeh ETEMADI, Heydar SADEGI and Mir Hamid SALEHIAN The Lizards Of Iran An Etymological Review Of Families Gekkonidae Eublepharidae Anguidae Agamidae Peyman Mikaili and Jalal Shayegh Response of spring canola cultivars to sodium chloride stress Mahmoud Toorchi, Rana Naderi, Adnan Kanbar, Mohammad Reza Shakiba Application of unripe grape juice waste as an efficient low cost biosorbent for dye removal R. Ansari, A. Mohammad-khah, and Z. Mosayebzadeh An efficient Multiple shoots induction from Zygotic embryos and rhizomes of Zingiber roseum Rosc an endangered medicinal plant Bellary Nagaraju Devendra*, Pakalapati Swarnalatha and Nakka Srinivas Chemical properties health benefits and threats of soy isoflavones Seyyed Reza Riyazi; Yahya Ebrahim Nezhad: Hasan Fathi; Jaber Davoudi Demographic And Histopathological Study Of The Thyroidopathies Led To Thyroid Surgeries In Urmia Imam Hospital Northwestern Iran Seyyed Javad Mousavi, Peyman Mikaili, Rahim Mehdioghli Human Seminal oxidative stress correlation with antioxidants and sperm quality parameters Zunjarrao G. Badade, Kavita M. More, Jayshree G. Narshetty, Vandana. Z. Badade, BirendraKumar Yadav Ground Vegetation as Indicator of Soil Characteristics for an Ecological Site Classification of Southern Caspian Forests Yahya Kooch Avifaunal diversity in an IBA site of north east India and their conservation N.N. Dutta, D. Baruah and S.Borah The Use of GIS on Bioclimatic Zoning for Tourism Settlement Case study Polroud basin Guilan province Ali Reza Eslami, Mohammad Tirandaz Conversion of Hyrcanian degraded forests to plantations Effects on soil C and N stocks Niloufar Haghdoost, Moslem Akbarinia, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, Yahya Kooch The Effect of Different Treatments on Seeds Dormancy Breaking and Germination of Caspian Locust Gleditschia caspica Tree Zohre Zoghi, Davud Azadfar, Yahya Kooch Influence of scabbing and hot water treatment on germination ofSage plant Salvia verticillata seeds Alaleh Khakpor, Ghassem Habibi Bibalani, Khadijeh Mahdavi Study on microbial properties of Frankfurters during shelf life Javadi Afshin, Safarmashaei Saeid, Dehbandi Abdullah Currently used traditional phytomedicines with hot nature in Iran Peyman Mikaili , Jalal Shayegh , Mohammad Hossein Asghari , Shadi Sarahroodi , Massoumeh Sharifi Assessment of the environmental conditions and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in two coastal lagoons in Ghana J. Aggrey-Fynn, I. Galyuon, D. W Aheto and I. Okyere