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Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-3-issue-1-year-2012.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 3, Issue 1 Aphid fauna hemiptera aphididae and their host association of chott mariem coastal area of Tunisia Monia Kamel Ben Halima The effect of Imagery ability on muscles electrical activity on hand grip task Ahdiyeh Yadolazadeh Antiviral effect of Anthocleista nobilis root extract on the biochemical indices of poultry fowls infected with Newcastle Disease Virus NDV Okonko IO A Comparison of the Motivation of Male and Female Competitive Athletes in Golestan Iran Maryam Monazami A Description and Comparison of Personality Traits of Competitive Individual and Team Athletes Fatemeh Behzadi The effect of Acetazolamide as carbonic anhydrase inhibitor on developing eye Karim Sadeghi Impact of BSoinduced oxidative stress on oocyte fertilization An invitro study Soleimani-Rad The effect of educational games on learning disorder in 711 years old male students Firouzeh Jalili Formulation and evaluation of herbal effervescent granules incorporated with Limnophila indica extract for bacillary dysentery Sandhya S Role of ICTs in Improving Food Accessibility of Irans Rural Households Farhad Lashgarara Effect of low frequency Electromagnetic Field on cardiovascular system An ultrastructural and immunohistochemical study Leila Roshangar Mitochondrial proteomic analysis of CAM plants Ananas comosus and Kalancho pinnata Hoang Thi Kim Hong Isolation and Identification of microbes from fermented vegetables and assessment of their preservative and bacteriocin activity Suja Pandian R Physiological function of mitochondrial malate decarboxylation in typical Crassualacean malate metabolism CAM species Hoang Thi Kim Hong Effect of Salinity Stress on Germination and Seedling characters in Safflower Carthamus tinctorius L genotypes Pooran Golkar Waterlogging and its effects on nitrogen of soil and plant Ali Rasaei The effect of an Aerobic exercise on IL6 CRP and TNFa concentration in women Alireza Rahimi The Effect of Back School Programs on Decreasing of Low Back Pain and Alterations in Spine Curvatures Zahra. Abdolvahabi Solmaz Shirpour Bonab, The effect of sway back abnormality on body segments follow up changes Zahra Abdolvahabi Phytochemical screening and extraction of polyphenol from stems and leaves of a Lebanese Euphorbia macrolada schyzoceras Boiss Hassan Rammal Relationship between strength and power as well as testosteronecortisol ratio in male weightlifters Farhangi Negin The Medical Insole Effects in Kinetic Patterns of Vertical Jumping for Heading between Flatfoot Male Football Players Amir Ghiami Rad Symptomlogical and biochemical studies on Sunflower Necrosis Disease inSunflower plants in Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh G. Narasimha Heterosis studies for grain iron and zinc content in rice Oryza sativa L Nagesh The Effect of Counterbalance Load System on Ground Reaction Force during Walking Hassan Safikhani Effect of residual concentration of Endosulfan on the nitrogenase enzyme activity in Arachis hypogea Raut P. D Effect of respiratory muscles training on swimming performance of elite female swimmers Mitra Azizimasouleh An Innovative Software Method for Measuring Lumbar Lordosis Eslam Babai A study of the interference effect of concurrent training strength and endurance on strength and VO2max Ercan GÜR Effect of root knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita on water responses of kenaf Hibiscus cannabinus L Yaghoob Tahery A Study of the Effect of Two Training Types Endurance and Sprint on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Body Fat in Male and Female Students Serdar ORHAN Development of HSSPMEGCMS method for analysis of fenitrothion residues in wheat Maryam Khani Clinical and Radiological Assessment of Biologic Resurfacing of Femoral Head in Dogs Ahmad Asghari The Effect of Caffeine Consumption on Arousal Activation and DartThrowing Performance in Different Times of Day Pezhman Ahmadi Identification of ISSR markers associated with root knot nematode resistance of Hibiscus cannabinus Yaghoob Tahery The Effect of Exercise on Depression and Anxiety of Students Süreya Yonca Biçer, A Study of the Mental Imagery Ability of Male and Female Badminton Players Zeinab Zivdar Measurement of gas exchange characteristics and stomatal conductance of Hibiscus cannabinus infected with Meloidogyne incognita Yaghoob Tahery The effect of educational intervention on prevention of osteoporosis through Health Belief Model HBM in volunteers of Khorramabad citys Health Centers in 20102011 Behnam Lashgarara Survey the relationship between big five factor happiness and sport achievement in Iranian athletes Davod Ghaderi The Effect of Altitude on Lung Function of Male Athletes M. Faramoushi Identification of pikm stable blast resistance gene in some rice Oryza sativa L cultivars Duong Thi Thao Trang Evaluation of drought tolerance in bread wheat Triticum aestivum L using immature embryo culture Ezatollah Farshadfar Assessment of sgp130 MCP3 and SLR in autoimmune patients Kambiz Bagheri Effect of localized Isotonic exercises on under fat skin Mohammad Dehganpoori Examination of the component pattern of cybernetic Control and Decision making in general department of physical education in Esfahan Province Rezvan Dadkhah The relationship between using cybernetic pattern with organizational creativity in general department of physical education in Esfahan Province Rezvan Dadkhah Comparing the incidence of aggression among student athletes in various sports disciplines at the University of Tiran Abbasi Bakhtiari. Reza Correlation between Runningbased Anaerobic Sprint Test RAST field tests Sargent jump and 300 yard shuttle run tests with laboratory anaerobic Wingate test in evaluation of indoor soccer players anaerobic readiness Abbasi Bakhtiari. Reza The Essential Oil Composition of Artemisia vulgaris L in Iran Golnaz Tajadod Comparative survey of serum concentration of copper in cyclic and anoestrus dairy cows Afshin Davasaz Tabrizi Determining the Effect of Concurrent Strengthendurance Training on Aerobic Power and Body Composition in Nonathletic Male Students Mohsen Akbarpour Beni Evaluating the effect of high concentration of testosterone enanthate on some of blood factors in male rat Afshin Davasaztabrizi Comparison of attachment styles and emotional maturity between opiate addicts and nonaddicts Zeinab Mortazavi Comparison of executiveneurological functions between addicted adults and normal adults Fereshteh Amini Investigation on fatty acids profile in sixteen ecotypes of Iranian ox tongue flower Echium amoenum Fisch Mey N. hosseinpour azad Carbohydrate metabolism determinatives does not affect by acute carnitine supplementation combined to heparin injection during submaximal cycling Eizadi Mojtaba Effect of Choline Chloride Supplement and Canola Oil on the Japanese Quail Livers and Bloods Cholesterol and Triglyceride Contents Fouladi Prevalence of sports injuries in elite female karate athletes Fahimeh Narenjchi Shotorbani Comparing the Styles of Confronting Stress in the Athlete or NonAthlete Girl and Boy Athlete and NonAthlete Students Yashar Hormati The Effect of 2 and 8 week aerobic exercises on insulin and glucose plasma level and insulin sensitivity in obese middle age men Ahmad Valizadeh Evaluation of drought tolerance in bread wheat Triticum aestivum L using in vivo and in vitro techniques Ezatollah Farshadfar Variations in the Germination of Camphor Seeds Collected from different Habitats Bohloul Abbaszadeh, Bioremediation of pyrene by isolated bacterial strains from the soil of the landfills in Shiraz Iran Farshid Kafilzadeh The association of size and body composition with some of blood Characteristics and left ventricular structure Ali Reza Barari A study on growth and carbon dioxide mitigation by microalgae Selenastrum sp its growth behavior under different nutrientenvironments and lipid production Rajiv Chandra Dev Goswami The Effect of Concurrent Endurance Resistance Training on Structural and Functional Left Ventricular Adaptation in inactive Men Kamal Azizbeigi Boukani Influence of foliar applications of micronutrients on photosynthetic pigments and organic constituents of medicinal plant Cassia angustifolia Vahl Shilpa Mohan Shitole Foliar application of calcium borate and micronutrients effects on some characters of apple fruits in Shirvan region Ahmad Asgharzade Effects of seed position on the parental plant on seed weight and nutrient content of wheat Triticum aestivum grain in different genotypes Mohsen, Moussavi Nik Maximal heart rate percentage in relation to maximal oxygen consumption percentage in spastic patients Eizadi Mojtaba Comparative assessment of Matricaria chamomilla and zinc oxide on healing of experimental skin wounds on rats Ali Rezaie Effects source of energy on the blood urea nitrogen of male Ghezel lambs Sadegh Najafi Zaherkandi Study of relationship between drought stress tolerances with some physiological parameters in canola genotypes Bnapus L Shahram Rashidi Comparative efficiency of Itraconazole and Griseofulvin in the treatment of tinea corporis and cruris Jafari Behboud Agricultural Personnels Intrapreneurial Behavior Effects of Perceived Organizational Support Psychological Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Hashemi Correlation of VO2max with Leptin Lipoproteins and Lipid Profiles in Females Ardeshir Zafari Evaluation of addition of Xanthan and Hydroxyl Propyl Methyl Cellulose gums on Chemical and Rheological properties of Sponge Cakes Sara Movahhed Evaluation of the effect of yeast salt method on dough yield bread yield and organoleptic properties Iranian Lavash bread S. Movahed Affective Factors in Adopting Organic Farming in Iran Seyed Jamal Hosseini A study about the relationship between Adiponectin of the serum with the Body Mass Index in the pregnant women Vahideh Sahraiian The Effect of Age Related Differences on the Measures of Motor Performance and Anthropometric Indices Samaneh Imanipour Cancer treatment with using cyanobacteria and suitable drug delivery system Esmaeilzadeh Mahdi A comparison of anthropometric and physiological characteristics of Elite cycling and karate athletes Mir Hojat Mousavi Nezhad Correlation of physical activity rating with serum concentration of lipoproteinA in active sedentary and with coronary artery diseases males Ardeshir Zafari Molecular scissors New tools in biotechnology and genome surgery Esmaeilzadeh Mahdi Lactose in ruminants feeding A review Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali How can a person with two X chromosomes develop into a man Esmaeilzadeh Mahdi Effects of sports participation on social delinquency reduction among adolescents Faezeh Zamanian Trichomes Plasticity in Ziziphora tenuior L Labiatae in Iran An ecological review Seyed Mehdi Talebi The Effects of Combined Training on Physical Fitness Factors in Academic Level Athletes Ardeshir Zafari Effects of leadership styles on coaches of Irans national teams success and athletes perception of success Zinat Nikaien Motivation Satisfaction burnout of volunteers in sport Salman Farzalipour The Influence of Electromagnetic Field on Properties of Retort Flexible Pouches Nazanin Zand The effect of number of daily exercise sessions on inflammatory mediators IL1 TNF in young taekwando athletes Saeed Sepahi The Effect of Free SelfTalk on the Performance of FrontCrawl Serveh Haseli The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction of Physical Education Teachers Seyyed Hossein Mousavi