Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-3-issue-11-year-2012.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 3, Issue 11 Improvement in bioactivity of Lactobacillus isolates by encapsulation insodium alginate beads In vitro Arpit Sharma, Aruna Bhatia, Rupali Singla and Gagandeep Kaur Efficacy of botanicals bioagents and fungicides against FusariumOxysporum F Sp Ciceri in chickpea wilt sick plot D.R. Kamdi, M.K. Mondhe, G. Jadesha, D. N. Kshirsagar, K. D. Thakur Effect of Artemisia Oil on Vase Life Flower Opening Index and Fresh WeightLoss of Cut Chrysanthemum Dendranthema grandiflorum L cv White Davood Hashemabadi, Shokrollah Haji Vand, Mohammad Zarchini, Nooshin Emami Kaldeh, Alireza Ghaderi, Ghasem Hajian, Somayyeh Zarchini Investigation of different levels micro nutrients on tomato in hydroponicculture system Mohammad Amiri Hossein Khani, Hossein Alishah Aratboni, Hamid Nouri, Abolfazl Tavassoli Role of plant extracts in inducing the systemic acquired resistance inharvested banana against anthracnose disease G. Jadesha, Hemachandra Haller, Manish K Mondhe, Manjunath Hubballi, K. Prabakar V. Prakasam Screening of Cytomegalo virus CMV among blood donors Can we includeCMV in Transfusion Transmitted Infection S. T. Radhiga, S. Kalpana, and Mayil Vahanan Natarajan Evaluation of the Wound Healing Activity of a Polyherbal Ilodigwe EE, Ndunagu LU, Ajaghaku DL and Utoh-Nedosa UA Winter wheat yield estimation base upon spectral data and groundmeasurement Farhad Zand and Hamid Reza Matinfar The Effect of Trace Elements Spraying on the Yield and Yield Components ofDryland Wheat in Khorram Abad Iran Ali Khourgami and Nesa Shahrokhi Improvement Fresh Weight and Aerial Part Yield of Marigold Calendulaofficinalis L by Humic Acid Ehsan mohammadipour, Ahmad Golchin, Jafar Mohammadi, Naser Negahdar and Mohammad Zarchini Improvement of vase life of cut tuberose Polianthes tuberosa cv Single with aluminumsulfate Mohsen Mohammadi, Davood Hashemabadi, Behzad Kaviani Changes in the blood lipid profile of wistar albino rats fed rich cholesterol diet E. N. Onyeike, M. O. Monanu and C. N. Okoye Antimicrobial activity of three essential oils from Benin on five oral germsTest of mouthbaths Farid Baba-Moussa, Adolphe Adjanohoun, Eugène S. Attakpa, Lysette Kpavodé, Joachim D. Gbénou, Akpagana K., Simeon O. Kotchoni, Alphonse Sezan, Fatiou Toukourou, Lamine Baba- Moussa The Effect of Iron Sulfate Spraying on Yield and Some QualitativeCharacteristics in Three Wheat Cultivars Nesa Shahrokhi , Ali Khourgami, Hadis Nasrollahi and A. H. Shirani-Rad Effects of Aromatherapy and Play on Intellectually Disables Aggression Leila Darzi Ramandi, Afkham Daneshfar, Masoumeh Shojaei Influence of hydropriming on seed germination behavior of canola cultivarsas affected by saline and drought stresses Mohammad Ali Aboutalebian, Ali Mohagheghi, Shoja Azimi Niaz and Hossein Reza Rouhi Lipid Profile Level of Nematode Aspicularis tetraptera Infected MiceTreated with Termanalia arjuna S Gaherwal, M M Prakash, R Dhok and N Wast Study of Pix regulator effect on physiological responses in cotton plant Maryam Niakan, Abdolrashid Habibi, Mahlagha Ghorbanli Effects of Lipase Phospholipase and DATEM on some QualityCharacteristics of Bugget Mania Salehifar, Leila Adili, Babak Ghiassi Tarzi, Hossein Bakhoda A new hydrogen peroxide biosensor by using modified Carbon PasteElectrode with catalase enzyme and Mn2O3 Nanoparticles Elahe Aslanpour Nikan, Masoud Negahdary, Ehsan Nabi-abdoluosefi, Soheila Ghassamipour, Omid Motaghi The effects of different levels of canola meal and copper on performancesusceptibility to ascites and plasma enzyme activities in broiler chickens Sina Payvastagan, Parviz Farhoomand, Rasool Shahrooze, Negin Delfani and Amir Talatapeh Analysis of alkaline phosphatase and its relationship with commercialcharacters of silkworm Bombyx mori L Farshid Ghasemi Kasmaei, H. B. Mahesha and P.H.Thejaswini Studies on the esterase and its relationship with commercial characters ofsilkworm Bombyx mori L Farshid Ghasemi Kasmaei and H. B. Mahesha The Relationships between Sporting Imagery Self confidence and Body MassIndex with Sporting Success in Elite Futsal Athletes Hossein Sepasi, Parivash Nourbakhsh, Kiavash Alasvand Zarasvand and Afson Alasvand Javadi Factors Affecting Economic Efficiency of Sheep Fattening Industriesin Fars Province Iran Behrooz Hassanpour Spatial Variability Zonation of Groundwatertable by UseGeostatistical Methods in Central Region of Hamadan province Mahdi Ahmadian and Molodsadat Chavoshian Antimicrobial Peptides from Milk Proteins A Prospectus Sepideh Jabbari, Rahele Hasani, Farshid Kafilzadeh, Sahar Janfeshan Comparison of burnout in industerial workers with employees Ali Mostafaei and Hassan Aminpoor Study effects of different nitrogen and potassium fertilizers applicationamounts on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of tobacco malesterile variety PVH19 in Talesh region Rasoul Gholizadeh, Naser Mohammadian Roshan, Seyyed Mustafa Sadeghi and Hamidreza Dorodian A biosensor by using Modified glassy carbon electrode With HRP Enzymeand Zro2 Nanoparticles for Detect of H2O2 Mohamad Fazilati Effect of Seedling Age and Cycocel Consumption on Grain Yield and LodgingRelated Traits in Rice Oryza Sativa L Cultivars Tarom Hashemi Roja Kohi, Morteza Sam Daliri, Amir Abbas Mosavi and Hossein Bagheri Frozen section An overview Hamed Ganjali Potential toxicity of an insecticide of the family of carbamates on a bioindicatormodel of the pollution the earthworm Octodrilus complanatusOligochaeta Lumbricidae Zeriri Ibtissem, Tadjine Aicha,Grara Nedjoud, Belhaouchet Nawel, Berrebbah Houria and Djebar Mohamed Reda Tissue processing An Overview Hamed ganjali A comprehensive plan presentation on the generating wastesmanagement in ahvaz oil production and desalinization plants on theRCRA Basis Azam Namdari, Zabih Mazarei, Taher Tahernejad Evaluation the interaction of salinity and salicylic acid on Sweet basilOcimum basilicum properties Raziaeh Fatemi and Abdolhossein Aboutalebi Environmental Responses and Stability Analysis for Grain Yield of Some RiceGenotypes Amir Abbas Mosavi, Nadali Babaiean Jelodar and Kamal Kazemitabar Effect of activity directed administration of ethanolic extracts ofNauclea Latifolia on the body and organ weights of hypertensiveinduced albino wistar rats Odey M.O, Gauje B, Udiba U.U, Johnson J.T., Inekwe V.U. and Adegbe E.A Gene Regulation Control by RNA Meliha Merve HIZ and Cüneyt AKI A Study and Evaluation in organic Fertilizers Effects on Seed Yield andSome Main Agricultural Characteristics on Cumin plant Ardabil RegionConditions Siamak Gharibi Asl and Seyed Sajjad Moosavi Evaluation of antinutrient contents of watermelon Citrullus lanatus Johnson J.T., Iwang E.U., Hemen J.T., Odey M.O., Efiong E.E. and Eteng, O.E. Effect of weed competition on growth characteristics of sunflower at differentlevels of nitrogen fertilizer Afshar Azadbakht, Reza Amraie, Seideh Razieh Mirzapour and Hadis Nasrollahi Comparative antinutrients assessment of pulp seed and rind of rambutanNephelium Lappaceum Fila W. O., Johnson J. T., Edem P. N., Odey M. O., Ekam V. S., Ujong U. P. and Eteng O.E. Effect of Salicylic Acid on Vase Life of Cut Carnation Dianthus caryophyllusL cv Liberty Abgr Fariba Roodbaraky, Davood Hashemabad, Shokrollah Haji Vand The Effects of Biological and Chemical Nitrogen Fertilizers on AgronomicalTraits of winter Safflower cultivars in Saveh region of Iran Mahmoud Ghasemi, M. S. Moghaddasi and A. H. Omidi Virulence of Pseudomonas and Aeromonas bacteria recovered fromOreochromis niloticus Perege from Mtera hydropower Dam Tanzania Shayo S. D, Mwita C. J and Hosea K. M Evaluation of rice germplasm and introgression lines for heat tolerance V. Vishnu Prasanth, DVN. Chakravarthi, T. Vishnu Kiran, Y. Venkateswara Rao, Madhusmita Panigrahy, SK. Mangrauthia, BC. Viraktamath, D. Subrahmanyam, SR. Voleti, N. Sarla Examining the agefriendly urban parks criterions of SariIran Mahsa Masih, Mohammadali Laghai, Saeid Mahdeloei Seasonal changes in the biochemical composition of four different tissues ofred spotted emperor Lethrinus Lentjan FamilyLethrinidae P. Mathana, S.Thiravia Raj, C. Radha Krishnan Nair and Selvamohan T Biocontrol potential of Pseudomonas fluorescens against bacterial wilt ofBrinjal and its possible plant growth promoting effects Gargi Chakravarty and M. C. Kalita Effect of Humic Acid on Yield and Quality of MarigoldCalendula officinalis L Ehsan Mohammadipour, Ahmad Golchin, Jafar Mohammadi, Naser Negahdar, Mohammad Zarchini Evaluating the potential of seed priming techniques in improving germinationand early seedling growth of Aeluropus Macrostachys under salinity stresscondition Hamed Askari Nejad and Somayeh Farahmand Application of plant extracts induced the changes in biochemical compositionof Banana fruits G. Jadesha, Hemachandra Haller, Manish K Mondhe, Manjunath Hubballi, K. Prabakar and V. Prakasam Antitumor and antioxidant activity of Diospyros peregrina against Daltonsascites lymphoma in rodents Venu Gopal Y, Ravindranath A, Kalpana G, Rajkapoor B, Sreenivas SA Effect of ethanol extract of Caralluma dalzielii NEBrAsclepiadaceae onblood glucose levels of fructose induced insulin resistance in laboratoryanimals Tanko Y, Halidu A, Mohammed A, Ahmed MK and Musa KY Mass Transfer modeling in Date palm Phoenix dactylifera during hot air convective drying Somayyeh Behfar and Nasser Hamdami Investigation of Agricultural Education Systems and Labor MarketNeeds in Iran Mehdi Shariatzadeh Joneydi Effects zeolite and their integrated biofertilizer and different levels ofchemical nitrogen fertilizer under irrigation management on yield and yieldcomponents of Peanut Arachis hypogaea L In north of Iran Maral Moraditochaee, Ebrahim Amiri and Ebrahim Azarpour Surgical induction of experimental chronic renal failure in the sheep Majid Fartashvand, Ghafour Mousavi, Gholamreza Assadnassab, Yaghoub Hajisadeghi Study of Plant Biodiversity in Grazed and Nongrazed Areas in the IranoTuranianEcological Zones Case Study Yazd Province IRAN Maziar Haidari, Hamid Jalilvand, Reza Hossaein Haidari, Naghi Shabanian Toxicity of the pyrethroid deltamethrin on the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhiziumanisopliae var anisopliae Metsch Sorokin assessed by germination speed parameter Rafael L. Tonussi, Carlos Eduardo S. Fabrice, Ravely C. Orlandelli, João Alencar Pamphile Sulphur fertilizer effects on grain yield and the sum of physiological indices ofcanola Brassica napus L Raouf Seyed Sharifi Study of correlation and relationships between seed yield and yieldcomponents in Lentil Lens culinaris Medik Parisa Aghili, Ali Akbar Imani, Hossein Shahbazi and Yousef Alaei Compressive strength of Phenytoin and Sodium Fluoride effects on cancellousbone defect in rats Ghafour Mousavi Evaluation of Withania somnifera extracts on a storage pest Rice weevilSitophilus oryzae Suvanthini S, Mikunthan G, Thurairatnam S and Pakeerathan K The Repair of CriticalSize Defects with Paste of TriCalcium phosphate andBioglass Containing Magnesium Exposed to Low Level Laser AnExperimental Study in Rabbit Mandible Hossein Jodeiri, Davood Sharifi, Saeed Hesaraki, Dariyoosh Mohajeri