Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-3-issue-12-year-2012.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 3, Issue 12 Seed yield variation and its relation with phenotypic characteristics in populations of cocksfoot Dactylis glomerata grown in Hamadan Iran Ali Ashraf Jafari Associated mycoflora with fresh and market Bael Aegle marmelos Corr roots and their effects of total alkaloids and glycosides amounts M. Rashidi* and S. S. Deokule Total protein albumin and globulin levels following the administration ofactivity directed fractions of Vernonia amygdalina during acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity in wistar rats Ekam V. S Uric acid urea and bilirubin levels of albino rats treated with activity directed fractions of Vernonia Amygdalina during acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity Ekam V. S.,Johnson J. T., Oka V. O., Archibong A. N. and Odey M. O. Study on persistent bacterial and viral infections as risk factors for myocardial infarction H. Honarmand, E. Mirzajani, F. Mirbolouk and M. Rahbar-Taromsari OilBased Drill Cuttings Influence on Soybeans Glycine max L Merr Growth OilBased Drill Cuttings Influence on Soybeans Growth César José Riveroa, Juliana Mayzb and María Claudia Sánchezc Dianthus caryophyllus L cv tempo improvement vase life and postharvest characteristics by silver thiosulphate Davood Hashemabadi The effect of planting date on nitrogen remobilization yield and yield component of rice varieties Oryza Sativa L Amir Abbas Mosavi, Sepideh Najafi*, Morteza Sam Daliri and Hossein Bagheri The effect of PGPR PlantGrowthPromoting Rhizobacteria on phytoremediation of cadmiums by canola Brassica napus L cultivars of Hyola 401 Nazila Heshmatpure and Mojtaba Yousefi Rad Effect of Salicylic acid application on morphological physiological and biochemical characteristics of Cyclamen persicum Miller Mohammad Farjadi-Shakiba*, Roohangiz Naderib and Masood Mashhadi Akbar Boojarc Effect of chemical and biological fertilizers on quality characteristics of lentil for winter planting in rain fed conditions of Khorramabad region Maryam-Beyranvand, PayamPezeshkpour and Hadis Nasrollahi Study the effect of nitrogen phosphorus and biofertilizer vermicompost on yield and yield components of lentil in autumn and spring sowing in rain fed conditions of KhorramabadIran Maryam-Beyranvand, PayamPezeshkpour andHadis Nasrollahi Studying the grain yield and yield components in advanced rain fed wheat genotypes Elena Khabiri*, Ali Akbar Imani and Hossein Shahbazi The effect of potassium zinc and iron foliar application on the production of saffron Crocus sativa Mohammad Mehdi Akbarian, Hosein Heidari Sharifabad, Ghorban Noormohammadi and Farokh Darvish Kojouri A study on prevalence of KPC producing from Klebsiella pneumoniae using Modified Hodge Test and CHROMagar in Iran Haji Hashemi B., Farzanehkhah M., Dolatyar A, Imani M, Farzami M R, Rahbar M and Hajia M Growth and survival of neon tetra Paracheirodon innesi Myers 1936 fry fed mixed zooplankton formulated feed and combination thereof S. V. Sanaye, H. Singh and R. M. Tibile The effects of growth stimulant bacteria on qualitative and quantitative yield of Aloe vera Mitra Aeini, Mojtaba Yousefi Rad and Seyed Mohammed Ehteshami Inhibition effect of Zataria multiflora essential oil on Lactobacillus sp bacteria in plant tissue culture Mohammad Reza Nakhzari-Moqadam and Seyed Kazem Sabbagh Comparative study on some Chemical compounds of Button Mushrooms Agaricus Bisporus Cap and Stipe during the first to third flushes F. Nasiri, B. Ghiassi Tarzi, A. Bassiri and S. E. Hoseini Effect of morning exercise on the psychological wellbeing of high school female students Ali Barbar A study of seed germination and early seeding growth of wheat genotypes affected by different seed pyridoxinepriming duration Maziar Ghandian Zanjan and Davood Eradatmand Asli Effect of Lactulose and Inulin on Physicochemical and Microbial Properties of Synbiotic Yogurt Lactulose, Inulin, Lactobacillus casei, Synbiotic Yogurt Investigate of the effect of instruction of metacognitive knowledge on academic stress Maryam Goran, Ali Mostafaei and Akbar Rezaei Yield and yield component quality of red bean Phaseolus vulgaris L cultivars in response to water stress and super absorbent polymer application Parinaz Pouresmaeil, Davood Habibi, Masoud Mashadi Akbar Boojar Investigation of cellulase activity in some soil borne fungi isolated from agricultural soils Nazanin Nayebyazdi, Mohammad Salary, Mohammad Ali Tajick Ghanbary,Morteza Ghorbany, Mohammad Ali Bahmanyar Determination of acute toxicity of potash to Eisenia foetida using a simple paper contact method K. S. Abbiramy and P. Ronald Ross Diversity and Seasonal distribution of the turrids Gastropoda Turridae among the four landing centers of Southeast coast of India Chinnaiyan Elaiyaraja Effects of Nitroxin biological fertilizer and EDTA on Nitrogen Concentration yield and yield components of Safflower Mexican cultivar Farzin Moghimi, Mojtaba Yousefirad and Mehran Karimi Examining the relationship between religious orientation and coping strategies Ali Mostafaei Palm kernel meal as a basal diet for molt induction in commercial laying hens Ehsan Shahrami٭, Mahmood Shivazad, Hasan Rokni, Mohammad Chamani, Maryam Rezaian Seroprevalence study of Equine Influenza in horses in Tabriz Ali Hassanpour , Yashar Semsar Parapari, Saeid Safarmashaei Evaluation of Bread Wheat Recombinant Inbred Lines under drought conditions Saeid Aharizad*, Abbas Karimi Fard, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi and Saeed Sedaghat Study of genetic diversity in lemon balm Melissa officinalis l populations based on morphological traits and essential oils content Saeid Aharizad*, Mohammad Hasan Rahimi, Mohammad Moghadam and Nasser Mohebalipour Reduced serum IgE level in Nigerian children with helminthiasis compared with protozoan infection Implication on hygiene hypothesis *Arinola, O. Ganiyu., Yaqub, A. Suraj and Rahamon, K. Sheu. Isolation and Molecular Identification of Soil Inhabitant Penicillia Mohammad Ali Javadi, Mohammad Ali Tajick Ghanbary* and Zahra Tazick An Analysis of the Impact Economic Factors on Marketing Extension of Rural Small Food Industries from Managers and Experts Perspective Masoumeh Arfaee, Seyed Mehdi Mirdamadi, Seyed Jamal F Hosseini, Saeid Yazdani, Mohsen Ebrahim Pour Quantitative analysis of quercetin in different parts of Capparis spinosa by HPLC Moghaddasian, Behnaz*, Eradatmand Asli, Davood and Alaghemand,Atena Determination of rutin content in henbane seeds collecting from three different regions of Iran Alaghemand, Atena*, Ghorbanpour, Mansoor, Eradatmand Asli, Davood and Moghaddasian,Behnaz The effects of Anderoctonus Crassicauda scorpion venom in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type 1 in Animal models Leila Roudbari* and Sohrab Imani The study of weight changes in two varieties of rapeseed under the influence of different dosages of gamma ray and PEG at early seedling stage Meisam Radfar Analysis of the attitudes of agriculture organization experts in Kurdistan province towards agroforestry farming Moslem Savari, Valiollah Sarani, Mohamad Reza shahpasand A study on the interaction between seedling density and cultivar on minituber production in greenhouse conditions Ailar Sattarzadeh, Ali Akbar Imani and Hossein Shahbazi The study of compatibility and stability of grain yield in barley advanced genotypes in tropical and subtropical reinfed regions Atefeh Bolandi, Ali Akbar Imani, Hossein Shahbazi and Asghar Mehraban Effect of longterm salinity on growth chemical composition and mineral elements of pistachio Pistacia vera cv BadamiZarand rootstock seedlings Fereshteh Kamiab, Alireza Talaie, Amanallah Javanshah, Masood Khezri,Ahmad Khalighi The Effects of One Session Taekwondo Exercise the T3 T4 and TSH Hormones in Young Taekwondo Athletes Mohammad Hassan Boostani Effect of Triathlon Competition on Urine Excretion of Heavy Molecular Weight Proteins in Southern Regions of Irans Triathlon Athletes Mohammad Ali Kohanpour Effect of LongTerm Oral Administration of the aqueous and ethanolleaf extracts ofCymbopogoncitratusDC ex NeesStapf Protus ArreyTarkang, G. A. Agbor, N.Tsabang, L. R. Y. Tchokouaha, D. A. Tchamgoue, D. Kemeta, Y. S. N. Mengue, J. R. Mba, F. Weyepe The effect of one session Concurrent training on biochemical and hormonal composition and salivary flow rate in male studentathletes Saqqa Farajtabar, Ayub Mahdivand, Seyed Hossein Alavi, Jamshid Sayarnejad, Behnam Tayebi, Somayeh Dehghani, Alireza Darvishpour Faragheh Optimization of penicillin G production by Penicillium chrysogenum Maryam Asnaashari, Mohammad Ali Tajick Ghanbary, Zahra Tazick Seasonal variations of some heavy metals in common carp cyprinus carpio l1758 collected from El Izdihar Dam of Sidi Abdelli Tlemcen in NorthWestern Algeria Derrag Zineb and Dali Youcef* Nacéra The prevalence of minor thalassemia among siblings of major thalassemiapatients A study from Iran S. Rafiei Tabatabaei S, R. Ashtiani, A. Tavakkolifard, M. Hadipour Jahromy F. Shiva, M. Ghazi-Saieedi, M. Khaki, M. Rafiee, M. Fayyaz M. Rahbar A study on prevalence of vancomycinresistant enterococci carriers admittedin a children hospital in Iran Sedigheh Rafiei Tabatabaei, Abdollah Karimi,Masoumeh Navidinia, Fatemeh Fallah, Arezou Tavakkoly Fard and Mohammad Rahbar Studding the genetic control of the bread quality related traits of wheat usingHayman graphical method Ehsan Khodadadi, SaeedAharizad, Mohsen Sabzi, Ehsaneh khodadadi The effect of probiotics on growth performance of broilers Roozbeh Shabani, Mehran Nosrati, Faramin Javandel, Ali Ahmad Alaw Gothbi and Hamed Kioumarsi Salinity Stress Effect on Proline and Chlorophyll Rate in Four Beet Cultivars Bahram Mirza Masoumzadeh, Ali Akbar Imani, Samar Khayamaim Improvement of vase life of cut tuberose Polianthes tuberosa cv Single withaluminum sulfate Mohsen Mohammadi, Davood Hashemabadi, Behzad Kaviani Average heterosis of maize hybrids under terminal water stress at Moghanregion Sh. Aghaei, S. Aharizad, M. R. Shiri and S. A. Mohammadi Diversity studies among basmati and nonbasmati type aromatic rice Oryza sativaL genotypes for grain yield and its attributing characters Kalmeshwer Gouda Patil, Nagesh, Veeresh Gouda Patil, Kulkarni, R. S and Shashidhar, H. E Inheritance of aroma in aromatic rice OryzasativaLgenotypes Kalmeshwer Gouda Patil, Nagesh, Veeresh Gouda Patil, Kulkarni, R. S and Shashidhar, H. E The effect of probiotics on carcass and internal organs of broilers Roozbeh Shabani, Mehran Nosrati, Faramin Javandel and Hamed Kioumarsi Role of Biostimulators on Seed Germination and seedling nutrient content of Pot Marigold Calendula officinalis L Rafiee H , Mehrafarin A, Naghdi Badi H*, Kalate Jari S, Qavami N, Qaderi A Improvement Vase Life and Postharvest Quality of Cut Chrysanthemum Dendranthema grandiflorum L by Eryngo Oil Mahboobeh Norouzi Khatibi, Davood Hashemabadi, Mohammad Reza Shafiei Oxidative DNA damage responses to an acute session of hypertrophy and strengthintensity resistance exercise Ali Khorjahani, Rahman Rahimi,Vahid Moghadam Utility of the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index NDVI for landcanopy cover mapping in Khalkhal County Iran Ardavan Ghorbani, Amir Mirzaei Mossivand and Abazar Esmali Ouri Improvement Postharvest Longevity Flower Diameter and Solution Uptake of Cut Chrysanthemum cv White Flowers by Artemisia Oil Davood Hashemabadi, Shokrollah Haji Vand, Mohammad Zarchini, Ghasem Hajian, Alireza Ghaderi, Somayyeh Zarchini Effect of processing method on the glycemic index of some carbohydrate staples Manihot esculanta Ipomoea batata and Dioscorea rotundata in both normal and diabetic subjects Itam E.H, Itam A.H, Odey M.O, Ejemot-Nwadiaro R.,Asenye M.E, Ezike N.N. Morphological traits of sweet basil Ocimum basilum L as influenced by foliar application of methanol and nanoiron chelate fertilizers Mehrdad nazari, Ali Mehrafarin, Hassanali Naghdi Badi, Farahnaz Khalighi-sigaroodi Evaluation of Drought Stress Indices in barley Hordeum vulgare L Jalil Ajalli and Mohammad Salehi Determination of the planting depth of potato seed tuber yield and yield components of two varieties agria and draga response curves seed G Hanbar. Laei, Morteza Noryan and HosseinAfshari