Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-3-issue-2-year-2012.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 3, Issue 2 The Quantitative Comparison of Essential Oil Composition of anIranian Endemic Plant Leonurus cardiaca L subsp persicusBoiss Rech F vs Previous Studied Population Ali Mazooji*, Fahimeh Salimpour, Mahmoud Danaei, Samaneh Akhoondi Darzikolaei, Kianoosh Shirmohammadi Biofertilizer Chemical nitrogen Density Grain yield Oil yield Sunflower Mohammad Mahdi Jowkar *, Mohsen Kafi Ahmad Khalighi and Nader Hasanzadeh Isolation and screening of lignocellulose hydrolytic saprophyticfungi from dairy manure soil M. Charitha Devi, M. Sunil Kumar An Investigation of the relationship between hardiness and mentaldisorders of payamenoor university students Ali Mostafaei Pollen Grain morphology of Parrotia persica Hamamelidaceae an EndemicSpecies from the Hyrcanian forest Iman Chapolagh Paridari, Seyed Ghulamali Jalali*, Ali Sattarian, Mehrdad Zarafshar, Ali Sonboli Some of thyme Thymus vulgaris properties in ruminants nutrition *Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali, Syed Alireza Syadati and Hasan Fathi Importance essential fatty acids n6 and n3 in animal nutrition I Ruminant Syed Alireza Syadati, *Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali, Hasan Fathi and Jaber Davuodi Importance essential fatty acids n6 and n3 in animal nutrition II Poultry Syed Alireza Syadati, *Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali, Hasan Fathi and Jaber Davuodi Safflower Carthamustinctorius cv Sina oil and seed yieldimprovement in rainfed condition by atrazine foliar application Hamid Bagheri, BabakAndalibi, Mohmmad Raza Azimi Moghad'dam, Esmaeil Zangani, Soleiman Jamshid* Integrating the Cultural Mechanical and Chemical Methods to OptimizeWeed Control and Corn Zea mays L Yield *Raheleh Rostami, Amir Hossein Shirani Rad, Eskandar Zand and Fariba Meighani Growth analysis of cashew seedlings as affected by nutsize in the nursery L. A. Hammed Comparative Proximate Studies on Some Nigerian Food Supplements Okolo, Simon. C*, Olajide, Olutayo. O, Idowu ,Doyinsola I, Adebiyi Adedayo.B, Ikokoh P.P, Orishadipe, Abayomi .T The relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfactionof physical education teachers Seyyed Hossein Mousavi, Saeed Yarmohammadi, Ayoub Bani Nosrat, Zabiholah Tarasi The effect of growth medium of peanut shelles compost and nutrientsolution on the growth of Dracaena Alidoust, M, Mohammadi Torkashvand, A. and Mahboub Khomami, A. Numerical taxonomy of eight Salvia L species using anatomical properties Fahimeh Salimpour*, Mahdie Ebrahimiyan, Fariba Sharifnia and Golnaz Tajadod Study of Sertoli and Interstitial Cells during the Reproductive Cycle of Indian Major Carp Labeo rohita Hamilton Arun M. Chilke A perspective towards development and commercialization of potential BGAbiofertilizers of Assam North East India and carrier materials for BGA massproduction and inoculum development Ellora Malakar* and M. C. Kalita Effect of choline chloride supplement and canola oil on theperformance and feed efficiency in the Japanese Quail Fouladi, Peyman. Salamat Doust Nobar, Ramin. Maheri Sis, Naser. Ahmadzade, Alireza. Aghdam shahriar, Habib. Gorbani, Abolfazl. Agajanzade, Abolfazl. Fouladi Peyman Salamat Doust Nobar Ramin Maheri Sis Naser Ahmadzade AlirezaAghdam shahriar Habib Gorbani Abolfazl Agajanzade Abolfazl *Oluwole I. Oyewole, Oluwaseun T. Oladipupo and Bukola V. Atoyebi Influence of dietary sodium selenite and vitamin E ESelenovitsupplementation on performance and immune response of layinghens during high environmental temperature Nasroallah Moradi Kor*, Nemat Ziaei, Somayeh Sadeghi, Mohsen Akbari The effect of ten weeks strength training and aquatic balancetraining on dynamic balance in inactive elder males Amir Sarshin; ShahlaHojjat; Seyed Sadreddin Shojaedin; Ali Abbasi A comparison of the athletic participative motivation of the athletesof contact or noncontact sports *Samira Mashhoodi, Mohammad Hatami, Samaneh Imanipour Induced biochemical changes in the CMV infected cucurbit plants M. Charitha Devi* and Y. Radha Effect of Methanol Spraying on Physiological Characteristics Oil and ProteinYields of Soybean cv Williams under Deficit Irrigation Vahid Bayat*, Farzad Paknejad, Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Saeed Vazan, Jafar Azizi and Saeed Mafakheri Correlation between conventional sperm assay parameters incryopreserved Ram Semen Shahram Bohlooli*, Fatin Cedden, Şeyma Bozoğlu, Sarain Razzaghzadeh, Jafer Pishjang Genetic diversity of Iranian Ophiognomonia leptostyla Frpopulations using RAPD and ISSR markers Soleiman Jamshidi*, SiamakSalahi and Samira Jamshidi Comparative study of Iranian universities active and inactiveacademic members general health conditions Hesam Eshraghi, Mir Mohammad Kashef, Kazem Mehri The effect of 15sec of maximal voluntary isometric contraction and 10sec ofpassive stretching on strength endurance and flexibility of hamstring muscle Houssein Mohammadi Sanavi, Ardeshir Zafari and Mohadese Firouzi The effects of running training on serum concentrations oflipoproteina LDLC and HDLC in female Maryam Rostami, Ardeshir Zafari Importance of medical herbs in animal feeding A review Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali The effect of 6 weeks resistance training on serum levels of IL18 and TNFin type I diabetic male rats Maryam Vatandost*, Fateme Zolfaghari, Hamid Agha-alinejad, Maghsood Peeri, Abdolmahdi Nasirzade, Solmaz khanmohamadi, Fateme Vatandost The Effect of 6 weeks resistance training on serum levels of IGF1 and IFNin type I diabetic male rats Fateme Zolfaghari*, Maryam Vatandost, Hamid Agha-alinejad, Maghsood Peeri Polyene antibiotics from Streptomyces spS177 Magesh Mathan* and K. Dhevendaran The Influence of Vitamin E and C Supplementation and Strenuous aerobic trainingexercise on Plasma Cytokines in College male Students Torksameni Arash. Nikbakht Hojjatollah. Ebrahim Khosro. Dobkhti Faramarz.Ateieh Aarabi. Effects of plant density Rhizobium inoculation and microelements onnodolation chlorophyll cotent and yield of chickpea Cicer arietinum L Teymur Khandan Bejandi*, Raouf Seyed Sharifii, Mohammad Sedghi, Ali Namvar Study of iron and zinc micro cores on single grass corn function Hamidreza Mobsser, Monir Mollaii Shandaki*, Ahmad Mehraban and Zahra Mollaii Shandaki Potential to use the native freshwater rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus in feeding Acipenser persicus larvae *Rudabeh Rufchaie; Maryam Fallahi Kapourchali; Reza Armoudli; Leila Azizzadeh; Mohamad Salavatian; ForuzanChubian; Zabih Pajand Study the morphology and essential oil content in two Saturejakhuzistanica jamzad populations under Tehran climatic condition *Maryam Kasyani Aval, Seyed Reza Tabaei-Aghdaei, Fatemeh Sefidkon, Ali Ashraf Jafari and Seyed Ahmad Eftekhari Extracellular production of Phytases by a Native Bacillus subtilis Strain K. S. Shamna, K. C. P. Rajamanikandan, *D. J. Mukesh Kumar, M. D. Balakumaran and P. T. Kalaichelvan The Effects of Corrective Exercise Program on Flat Foot Deformityof Male and Female Students Farhad Kouhi Achachlouei, Mehdi Abbaszadegan, Abdorreza Eghbalmoghanlou Effects of osmotic stress on germination and germinationindices of synthetic wheat Mohammad Ali Jahanbin, Mohsen Roshdi and Mohammad Zaefizadeh Effect of two types biological fertilizers containing amino acids ongermination indices of wheat varieties under in vitro drought stress conditions Yousef Alaei*, Mostafa Valizadeh, Aliakbar Imani and Reza Shahryari Survey the effect of seed priming on germination and physiologicalindices of cotton khordad cultivar Mohammad Bagher Afghani Asl*, Ghadir Taheri The essential oils of Dill Anethum graveblens L collected from Gilan Iran Kambiz Larijani, Mohammad Javad Shakouri*, Neda Pishbin, Saeideh Mansourbahmani,Ali Akbar Heidari Evaluating effective traits on yield of two medicinal amaranths Amaranthushypochondriacus L var Cim and var Kharkofski in Karaj Iran Masoumeh Layegh Haghighi, Bohloul Abbaszadeh, Mohammad Hossein Lebaschi and Mohammad Ali Vakili Shahrebabaki The effect of neurofeedback training on the anxiety of elite female swimmers Mehrsa Faridnia, Masoumeh Shojaei, Alireza Rahimi A Description of Higher Macrobenthic Infaunal Taxa of MangroveMud Flats at Khamir Port Iran Musa Keshavarz*, Ehsan Kamrani and Abdul-Reza Dabbagh Bioactive constituents in ethanolic extract leaves and fruit juice ofMorinda citrifolia Rivera A *, Cedillo L , Hernández F , Castillo V , Sánchez A , Castañeda D Feeding some commercial diets in the captive breeding of the seacucumber Holothuria scabra in Iran *Abdul-Reza Dabbagh, Dariush Mohammadikia and Musa Keshavarz Effect of Pseudomonas fluorescent on Proline and PhytohormonalStatus of Maize Zea mays L under Water Deficit Stress Mohammad Hossein Ansary, Hadi Asadi Rahmani, Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Farzad Paknejad, Davood Habibi and Saeed Mafakheri Bioactivity guided fractionation in experimentally induced hyperlipidemia inrats and characterization of phytoconstituent from Salvadora persica L Deepa Iyera, Brajesh K. Sharmaa and U. K. Patilb* Recognition of Morphological Traits of Grapevine in Piranshahrand Sardasht Mohammad Aslan Pour and Mohammad Javad Shakouri Surveying the relationship between grapevines subspecies ofSylvestris and Rosheh variety Mohammad Aslan Pour and Mohammad Javad Shakouri* A Study on the Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium Elements on theGrain Yield of Canola Cultivars in Zehak Hamid Reza MOBASSER and Ehsan RAHIMI FARD* The effect of Lcarnitine and low crude protein supplemented withcrystalline essential amino acids diets on broiler chickens *Hamid Manoochehri Ardekani, *Mahmod Shevazad, *Mohammad Chamani, *Mahdi Aminafshar and **Elham Darsi Arani Comparison of three techniques for estimating phytotoxicity inmunicipal solid waste compost Mohammad R. Asgharipour* and Ali R. Sirousmehr Investigation on exogenous testosterone and growth hormoneinjection on liver and ovary IGFI gene expression and thyroidhormones of the native breeder hens Ali Ahmad Alaw Qotbi, Zarbakht Ansari Pirsaraei, Alireza Seidavi Mycorrhizal biofertilizer applications on yield seed corn varieties in Iran Hamid Reza Mobasser and Abolghasem Moradgholi* Effects of Bio and Chemical Nitrogen Fertilizer on Grain and Oil Yield of SunflowerHelianthus annuus L under Different Rates of Plant Density Ali Namvar*, Teymur Khandan and Mona Shojaei Aphid fauna Hemiptera Aphididae and their host association of chottmariem coastal area of Tunisia Monia Kamel Ben Halima