Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-3-issue-3-year-2012.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 3, Issue 3 A comparison of identity and life regard performing arts students with other fields art students Fariborz Bagheri and Fatemeh Abdi Determination of whole L17 soybean seed degradability with nylon bag Technique Behrouz Alizadeh, Ramin Salamatdoust and Ali Lak Using different indices for selection of resistant wheat cultivars to post anthesis water deficit in the west of Iran Abdoli M. and Saeidi M Chromosomal localization of the genes controlling callus induction and in vitro drought tolerance criteria in wheatbarley disomic addition lines using mature embryo culture Ezatollah Farshadfar, Seyedeh Somayeh Esmaili, Valiollah Rasoli Chromosomal localization of the genes controlling phenotypic stability in rye using GGEbiplot Eztollah Farshadfar, Reza Mohammadi, Valiollah Rasoli, Farzad Khoshakhlagh Correlation of VO2max with Serum Concentration of Lipoproteina Ardeshir Zafari Reevaluation of digestible amino acids requirements of male and female broilers based on different ideal amino acids ratios in finisher period E. Salehifar, M. Shivazad, F. Foroudi, M. Chamani, R, Bahari Kashani Effects of soil nutrient on seedling performance of arizona cypress and medite cypress Fatemeh Ahmadloo, Masoud Tabari, Hamed Yousefzadeh, Yahya Kooch and Ahmad Rahmani The Comparison of Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors in ActiveSedentary and With Coronary Artery Disease Males Ardeshir Zafari Study of the Effect of Different Levels and Application Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield and Number of Potato Tuber of Agriain Ghorveh Iran Behnam Etemad and Mansour Sarajuoghi The Chronic Effects of Morning Exercise Training on Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors Ardeshir Zafari Evaluation of resistance reaction in elite barley lines to Pucciniastriiformis f sp hordei Safar Ali Safavi Determination of Cottonseed meal degradability with nylon bag Technique Reza Ebrahimpour azhdari, Ramin SalamatDoust, Ali Lak The Relationship between Comorbidity of chronic diseases and elderlies healthrelated quality of life in Tehran Iran Sima Esmaeil Shahmirzadi, Davoud Shojaeizadeh,Kamal Azam, Hossein Safari and Monavvar Moradian Sorkhkolaee Diurnal variability of stigma compounds of saffron Crocus sativus L at different harvest times Yaser Esmaeilian, Mohammad Galavi, Mahmoud Ramroudi and Masoud Mashhadi Akbar Boojar The Effect of BCAA Supplementation on Serum C Reactive Protein and Creatine Kinase after Acute Resistance Exercise in Soccer Players Sirvan Atashak and Kawe Baturak The Interaction between Dietary Electrolyte Balance and Microbial Phytase on Performance Keyvan Shahsavari, Kambiz Nazeradl, Houshang Lotfollahian, Yahya Ebrahimnezhad, Said Abdolah Hossini The Study of Anatomical Changes under the Influence of Cesium Uptake in Chenopodium album L Golnaz Tajadod and Roxana Moogouei Determination of Heavy Metals Cd Pb Hg and Fe in Two Commercial Shrimps in Northern of Hormoz Strait Maziar Yahyavi, Majid Afkhami and Reza khoshnood Comparison of pulmonary function parameters changes at different altitudes in female athletes A. Valizadeh, M. Faramoushi and M. Rezaei A comparison of fatty acid compounds in winter and spring rapeseed varieties Amir Hossein Shirani Rad and Peiman Zandi Comparison of the efficiency among half diallel methods in the genetic analysis of bread wheat Triticum aestivum L under drought stress condition Ezatollah Farshadfar, Fariba Rafiee and Anita Yghotipoor Investigation of the role of geomorphology and its application in identification and sustainable development of desert areas Case Study desert area of Hamedan Iran Alireza Ildoromi The Effect of a Period of Selective Aerobic Exercise on Serum Level of Leptin and Some Hormones in Obese Men Davood Khorshidi, Mohsen. Assarzadeh, Mohsen. Akbarpour Beni, Kamal Azizbeigi, Bahram Abedi, Mojtaba Ezadi Rheological Characteristics of Chapatti Bread Containing Guar and Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Gums Mehrmah Vafaei, Sara Movahhed Relationship between components control and leadership cybernetic model of the organization creative physical education department of Isfahan Rezvan Dadkhah, YasharHormati, Atefe Ghafari, Kazem Mehri, Reza Faramarzi Assessment of serum values of copper in ewes Milad Pour Ashour, Amir Parviz Rezaie Saber An overview on effective parameters in production of single cell oil by microorganisms especially the fungus of Mortierella isabellina Hami Kaboosi and Bita Behbahani Evaluation of seedling and adult plant resistance in wheat lines to Puccinia striiformis f sp tritici Safar Ali Safavi, Farzad Afshari Bph14 gene determining brownplanthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal resistance in rice varieties Oryza sativa L Pham Thi Thanh Mai and Hoang Thi Kim Hong The Effect of Thiobacillus and Pseudomonas fluorescent Inoculation on Maize Growth and Fe Uptake Zarrin Taj Alipour and Adeleh Sobhanipour Evaluation of some physical fitness factors related to health in addicted men Abolfazl Neshati, Saleh Bahari, Mir Hamid Salehian, Mohsen Shirmohammadzadeh, Iraj Sadri Evaluating Maize Yield in Intercropping with Mungbean Masoumeh Shahbazi and Mansour Sarajuoghi Rice husk as a source of dietary fiber Vajiheh Fadaei and Mania Salehifar Comparative Study of the Essential Oil Chemical Composition of Thymus Kotschyanus Boiss Hohen var kotschyanus from Iran Ali Mazooji, Fahimeh Salimpour, Mahmoud Danaei, Samaneh Akhoondi Darzikolaei, Kianoosh Shirmohammadi The effect of different types of exercise on the testosteronecortisol ratio in untrained young males Nader Shakeri, Hojjattolah Nikbakht, Mohammad Ali Azarbayjani, Ali Mohammad Amirtash An efficient condition of Saponification of Lutein ester from marigold flower Chitta Ranjan Sarkar, Bagmita Bhagawati, Lima Das, Bhabesh Ch. Goswami Considering interaction effects of micro nutritions elements Fe Zn Mn on qualitative yield of wheat varieties Seyed Mohsen Moussavi-Nik, Zeinab Kiani Determining the relationship between organizational structure and knowledge of management among the experts of physical education organization Asghar Najafi Tireh Shabankareh, Mehdi Rastgari, Zeynab Abodarda The effect of 10sec of maximal voluntary isometric contraction and 10sec of passive stretching on strength endurance and flexibility of hamstring muscle Houssein Mohammadi Sanavi, Ardeshir Zafari, Mohaddese Firouzi Effect of acute whole body vibration training on cardiovascular riskfactors in academic students Seied Hossein Moussavi, Reza Nikbakhsh, ArdeshirZafari The Comparison of Serum Concentrations of LPa LDLc and HDLc in Speed Semiendurance and Endurance Runners Maryam Rostami and Ardeshir Zafari Effects of Leadership Styles on Coaches of Irans National TeamsSuccess and Athletes Perception of Success Zinat Nikaien, Farideh Ashraf Ganjouie, Fereidoon Tondnevis, Kambiz Kamkari Salt tolerance in Indian soybean Glycine max L Merill varieties at germination and early seedling growth Prema Kondetti, Narendra Jawali, S. K. Apte and Mahadev Ganpat Shitole Effect of Different Exercises on Reducing Male Students Depression Jafar Barghi Moghaddam, Mehrdad Hefzollesan, Mir Hamid Salehian Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Efficacy in Female Coaches Esmaeel Afkhami, Mohsen Shirmohammadzadeh, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam, Lida Karimi Aghdam, Mir Hamid Salehian Comparisons of berg balance scale following core stabilization training in women elderly Amin Farzaneh Hesari, Solmaz Mahdavi, Mohammad Reza Hosein Abadi, Morteza Sangdevini, Masoud Golpaigani Comparison of Burnout and Job Stress BetweenPhysical Education Employees and Industrial Workers Mahdiehsadat Taheri, Elham Forouzandeh, Leila Zameni, Zahra Seddighi Comparison of land and aquatic based plyometric training on swimming block start Ehsan Hassannezhad, M.R Bahadoran, M.R ramezanpour, S.R Attarzade Hosseini Evaluation the permanence of flower of Polianthes tuberose L with using different preservative solutions Malihe Noghani, Ahmad Asgharzadeh, Ali Dadar, Mohammad Javad Shakouri Effects of varying hot water temperatures on the germination and early growth of Dialuim guineense Willd seeds OBOHO, E. G, OGANA, F. N. Genetic variability and Karyotype analysis of some Agropyron species Mohsen Farshadfa The effect of sleep deprivation due to land travel on the concentration ofimmunoglobulins A G and M and serum cortisol in young soccer players Abolhasan Hedayati, Maghsoud Peeri, Mohammad Ali Azarbayjani, Ahmad Mazidi Efficiency of chromosomes 2H and 7H of barley in carrying the genes controlling callus induction and in vitro indicators of droughttolerance using immature embryo culture Ezatollah Farshadfar, Somayeh Esmaeili and Anita Yaghotipoor Study of correlation between the volume of consumed water and the drinking induced sweating plasma levels of arginine vasopressin epinephrine and norepinephrine in teakwondo elite athletics Abdollah Hosseinlou, Kazem Mehri, Abdorreza Eghbalmoghanloo Comparison of inhalant Fluticasone and Beclomethasone in treating mild and moderate persistent asthma in children Eilyad Issabeagloo, Taghi Aharchi, Parviz Kermanizadeh and Mohammad Taghizadieh In vitro angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory and antioxidant activities of seed extract of Apium graveolens Linn Muthuswamy Umamaheswari, Mathew Puthenpurackal Ajith, Kuppusamy Asokkumar, Thirumalaiswamy Sivashanmugam, Varadharajan Subhadradevi, Puliyath Jagannath, Arumugam Madeswaran Protocol optimization for genomic DNA extraction and RAPDPCR in mosquito larvae Diptera Culicidae Shivani Gupta and Shabad Preet Effect of weed allelopathic of sorghum Sorghum halepense on germination and seedling growth of wheat Alvand cultivar Hamid Nouri, Zabiholah Ansari Talab, Abolfazl Tavassoli Comparative phytochemical screening of Vatashunga Shatavari and Shatapushpa claimed for Prajasthapana activity Nagamani, J Suresh, J Ahuja, V Reddy Proximate Composition of Two Sea Cucumber Species Holothuria pavra and Holothuria arenicola in Persian Gulf Ali Reza Salarzadeh, Majid Afkhami, Kazem Darvish Bastami, Maryam Ehsanpour, Aida Khazaali, Amin Mokhleci