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Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-3-issue-9-year-2012.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 3, Issue 9 Graphic analysis of biomass and seed yield of beard wheat in salt stress condition Hamid Dehghani, Jan Dvorak, Naser Sabaghnia Epoxidation of Soybean Oil Kouroosh Saremi, Taghi Tabarsa, Alireza SHakeri, Ahmad Babanalbandi Antioxidant effect of essential oils of Thymus Salvia and Rosemarinus on the stability to auxidation of refined oils Sana M’HIR, Samira SIFI,Nadia Chammem, Ines Sifaoui, Asma Mejri, Moktar HAMDI, Manef ABDERRABBA Effect of nitrogen fertilizer levels on tuber filling rate and protein assimilation in early and late maturing potato Ali Barghi, Ahmad Tobeh, Nasim Hassanzadeh Review of embryo culture in fruit trees Fathi H, Jahani U The effects of Time Spraying Amino Acid on water deficit Stress on yield yield component and some physiological characteristics of grain corn TWC647 P. Kasraie, M. Nasri, M. Khalatbari. Standardization of Fear of Success Scale in College and High school students Jafar Afshinfar, Hassan Aminpoor, Ali Mostafaei. An investigation of rhizobacteria as biofertilizer on Mentha L compounds change Anita Khanafari, Maryam Beladi, Fariba Sharifnia Determination of rutin content in Caper Capparis spinosa by three analytical methods Moghaddasian, Behnaz, EradatmandAsli,Davood, Eghdami,Anoosh Effects of Cropping Architect and Sowing Date on Forage Quantity and Quality of Corn Zea maize L as a Second Crop in Western Iran Ali Shirkhani, Gholam Hossein Ahmadi,Ghadir Mohammadi, Majid Ghitouli The effect of 4weeks aerobic training according with the usage of Anethum Graveolens on blood sugar and lipoproteins profile of diabetic women Amir Rashidlamir, Samira Gholamian, Aliakbar Hashemi Javaheri, Mostafa Dastani SEASONAL VARIATIONS OF SOME HEAVY METALS IN COMMON CARP Cyprinus Carpio L 1758 COLLECTED FROM EL IZDIHAR DAM OF SIDI ABDELLI TLEMCEN IN NORTHWESTERN ALGERIA Derrag Zineb, Dali Youcef Nacéra Depression compared with veterans and disabled veterans and selected disabled nonathlete volleyball players Farideh Asghari, S. Hossein Alavi, Ali Reza Barari, Soghra Gamshidi The Heterosis Phenomenon in Mulberry Silkworm Bombyx mori L Lepidoptera Bombycidae Tribhuwan Singh, Pramod Kumar Singh, Khurshid Ahmad Sahaf Studying the function of fodder in the mixed farming of millet Sorghum sun flower and fodder corn in Damghan R.A.Kheibaryan, Z. Alipoor, Gh. laei, F. Fanoodi Study Yield And Yield Components Comparison Correlation Some Physiological Characteristics 20 Genotypes Of Bread Wheat GHanbar. laei, Hossein Afshari, Mohammad Reza Jalal Kamali, Abdul Hadi Hassanzadeh Assessment of Qualitative and Quantitative Traits in Commercial Iranian Lettuce Lactuca sativa L Genotypes Seyyed Hassan Mousavi, Mohammad Reza Hassandokht, Rajab Choukan, Niazali Sepahvand, Mahmoud Khosrowchali, Behzad Kaviani The relationship between Internet addiction and mental health in male and female university students Ali Mostafaei, Marouf Khalili RNAa A Few Key Points S Abdolhamid Angaji, Somayeh Darvishani Assessment of Physicochemically treated plastic by fungi V.Mahalakshmi, S.Niren Andrew Oral Diazepam effect on surgical patients postoperative blood sugar Gholamreza Mohseni, Anita Ranjbar, Mansour Rezaei The toxicity effect of cerium oxide nanoparticles on ALT AST and ALP enzymes in male Rat Masoud Negahdary, Anita Ranjbar, Asadollah Asadi Response of Three Camphor Populations Germination to Different Temperatures and Polyethylene Glycol Induced Drought Stress Bohloul Abbaszadeh, Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Masoumeh Layegh Haghighi, Nassim Changaei Relationship between religious beliefs and life satisfaction with death anxiety in the elderly Khadijeh Roshani Physicochemical characteristics of sugar factory and distillery effluents Nagendra Kumar Chaurasia, Ram Krishna Tiwari The Effects of Task Difficulty and Instruction on Focus of Attention in Performing Balance Task Hossein Sepasi, Parivash Nourbakhsh, Mahboobeh Lavafian Nejad pH Dependent Encapsulation of Doxorubicin in PLGA Manisha Khemani, Maheshwar Sharon, Madhuri Sharon. The Effects of Soccer Specific Exercise and Taurine Supplementation onSerum Cytokine Response in Male Elite Soccer Players Hossein Shirvani, Hojjatollah Nikbakht, Khosrow Ebrahim, Abbas Ali Gaeini The effects of onfarm seed priming and planting date on emergence characteristics yield and yield components of a corn cultivar SC 260 in Hamedan Raana Mousavi, Mohammad Ali Aboutalebian, Ali Sepehri Influence of prebiotic Immunowall on growth performance body composition and immunophysiological variables in juvenile great sturgeon Huso huso Reza Taati, Seyed Javad Abolghasemi, Mostafa Tatina, Mehrdad Nasri Tajan Bovine LTF gene polymorphism is associated with somatic cell score in Isfahan Holstein cows Hojjat Asadallahpor Nanaei, Saeid Ansari Mahyari, Mohammad-Ali Edriss Study of Drought Stress and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria PGPR on Yield Yield Components and Seed Oil Content of Different Cultivars and Species of Brassica Oilseed Rape Pooya Arvin, Javad Vafabakhsh, Daryoush Mazaheri Ghorban Noormohamadi, Mehdi Azizi Modeling the effect of micronutrients on phyllochron and leaf appearance rate in Wheat Triticum aestivum Majid Jafari moghadam, Hosein Heidari Sharifabad, Ghorban Noormohamadi, Seyed Yaghoub Sadeghian motahar, Seyed Ataolah Siadat Effects of fat source on broiler cecum total bacteria lactobacillus bacteria and lactic acid bacteria Mohammadreza Poorghasemi, Alireza Seidavi, Ali Ahmad Alaw Qotbi Investigation on effects of fat source on broiler intestinal pathogens Mohammadreza Poorghasemi Alireza Seidavi Ali Ahmad Alaw Qotbi Mohammadreza Poorghasemi, Alireza Seidavi, Ali Ahmad Alaw Qotbi The Main Compounds in Essential Oil Composition of Damask Rose Genotypes under Mulched Rainfed Condition Payam Dehghan, Mohammad Hosein Lebaschi, Bohloul Abbaszadeh, Abdolrasul Zakerian Does different levels of dried citrus sinensis peel affect on broilers gastrointestinal microbial population Zohreh Pourhossein, Ali Ahmad Alaw Qotbi, Alireza Seidavi Investigation on effects of dried citrus sinensis peel on broilers intestinal pathogens Zohreh Pourhossein, Ali Ahmad Alaw Qotbi, Alireza Seidavi Effect of Garlic Allium sativum Aqueous Extract on serum values of Urea UricAcid and Creatinine compared with Chromium Chloride in Male Rats Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi, Yahya Ebrahimnezhad, Ramin Salamatdout Nobar Evaluation of different Aspergillus species for degradation of a reactive dye Orange M2R Rohilla SK, Salar RK, Kumar J, Bansal P Fertility measures of biogenic structures in particular reference to bacterial community Suruchi Kumari, M P Sinha Effect of Drought Stress on the Morphology of Three Salvia sclarea Populations Sanam Asadi, Mohammad Hosein Lebaschy, Ali Khourgami, Amir Hosein Shirani Rad Comparing the Morphology Shoot and Essential Oil Yield of the Accession of Two Perennial Savory Species Fatemeh Azami Ghadi Kolaei, Seyed Reza Tabaei Aghdaei, Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbaluti, Ali Ashraf Jafari The influences of muscular strength detraining in Elementary school students Masoud Zamani, Maghsoud Peeri, Parvin Farzanegi, Abdolali Rakhshanizadeh, Esmael Piri Role of Zinc Fertilizer on Grain Yield and Some Qualities Parameters in Iranian Rice Genotypes Reza Yadi, Salman Dastan, Esmaeil Yasari Anatomical variation of the left suclavian artery in a Calf Mohammad reza Paryani, Hassan Gilanpour, Somaye Hamedi, Seyed mehdi Rajaei,Reza Sadjadi Evaluation the effect of rootstock type on mineral elements concentration in shoot of budded sweet orange Citrus sinensis var Valencia Abdolhossein Aboutalebi, Hamed Hasanzada, Mehdi Hosseini Farahi Brachiocephalic trunk and its major branches in rabbit a comparisonbetween anatomic and ultrasonographic approaches Mohammad reza Paryani, Hassan Gilanpour, Somaye Hamedi, Vorya Tohidi, Soroush Mohit mafi, Seyed mehdi Rajaei, Reza adjadi, Mahdi Khademlo. Study on antibacterial effect of Ruta graveolens extracts on pathogenic bacteria M. Ahmadi jalali Moghadam, H. Honarmand, S. Falah-Delavar, A. Saeidinia. The Study of Agronomical Traits of Spring Rapeseed Cultivars in Condition of Different Plantings Dates Karaj region in Iran Amir Hossein Shirani Rad Influence of Spinach Supplementation on ExerciseInduced Muscle Damage Babak Nakhostin-Roohi, Shahab Bohlooli, Sara Barmaki, Faegheh Khoshkhahesh Response of durum wheat Triticum durum Desf callus culture to osmosisinduced drought stress caused by polyethylene glycol PEG El Houssine Bouiamrine, Mohammed Diouri Validation of Goldbergs Depression Scale in academic and nonacademic peoples Hassan Aminpoor, Jafar Afshinfar, Ali Mostafaei, Shahla Ostovar The effect of molassesmineral feed blocks and medicated blocks on performance efficiency and carcass characteristics of Boer goats Hamed Kioumars, Zary Shariman Yahaya, Abdul Wahab Rahman Factors affecting in sustainability of agricultural production systems in Iran Mehdi Shariatzadeh Joneydi Evaluation of phytases of three Bacillus spp in the diet of sexreversed Oreochromis mossambicus fingerlings on growth feed efficiency and mineral deposition Rande B. Dechavez, Augusto E. Serrano Jr. Identification and measurement of indicators of drought vulnerability among wheat farmers in Mashhad County Iran Z. Khoshnodifar, M. Sookhtanlo, H. Gholami The effects of gavage treatment with Garcinia kola seeds on biochemical markers of liver functionality in diabetic rats Emeka C C Udenze, Victor B Braide, Chikezie N Okwesilieze, Godwin C Akuodor, Michael O Odey Oral acute toxicity and estrogenic effects of the extracts of Passiflora foetida LinnPassifloraceae leaves in female Wistar albino rats Oral acute toxicity and estrogenic effects of the extracts of Passiflora foetida Linn. (Passifloraceae) leaves in female Wistar albino rats Relationship between Physical Fitness and Anthropometric Indicators in Nonathlete Students Ahmad alimardani, Mohsen Akbarpour Beni, Mohammad Deheshti, Mohammad Alimardani. Variability of Plant Diversity and Soil Features Following Gap Creation in Caspian Beech Forests of Iran Katayoun Haghverdi, Hadi Kiadaliri, Khosro Sagheb -Talebi, Yahya Kooch