Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-4-issue-11-year-2013.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 4, Issue 11 Effect of Rhizobium and Mycorrhizal coinoculation on some of physiologic characteristics related to grain yield of bean VisiaFaba under salt stress Mouloodi F, Nabizadeh E* and Jalilnezhad N Identification and estimation of fatty acids in fresh water fish Anabus testudineous K. S. Barma and B. C. Goswami Variation in stomatal traits based on plant growth parameters in Corn Zea mays L Nesrin Orcen, Gholamreza Nazarian, Tuba Barlas and Esref Irget Epidemiological study of parasitic infestations in rural women of Terai belt of Bihar India Pandey B. N., Kumar D. and Verma D. K.* The protein quality of raw leaf seed and root of Moringa oleifera grown in Rivers State Nigeria Chioma J. Okereke* and Joyce O. Akaninwor Release of metabolites and enzymatic activity as physiological response to cadmium by Sedum praealtum roots inoculated with asiderophoreproducing bacteria Guerrero-Zúñiga Leonor Angélica and Rodríguez-Dorantes Angélica* Serum level of two antioxidant vitamins A and E in Ivorian Cte dIvoire people living with human immunodeficiency virus Boyvin L.,*, M’boh G., Ake-Edjeme A.,, Soumahoro-Agbo M. K., Séri K. L. and Djaman J.,* Describing stabilimentumbuilding and other web characteristics in selected fed and unfed Argiope spiders Liza A. Abrenica-Adamat, Mark Anthony J. Torres, Jessie G. Gorospe, Ruben L. Amparado Jr. and Cesar G. Demayo In vitro plant regeneration from cotyledonary node and half seed explants of Glycine max L JS335 C. Janani and B. D. Ranjitha Kumari* Late teenage pregnancy and reproductive outcomes Aparna J. GCMS analysis of Polygala arillata BuchHam Ex D Don Radhamani T. and S. John Britto Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum in dairy cattle in Eastern Algeria Bouaziz Omar*, Dib Amira Leila, Aimeur Rachida, Lakhdara Nedjoua, Bouaziz Assia and Bererhi El Hacène Correlations of back strength with selected anthropometric variables and physical performance tests in elite Indian Cyclists Shyamal Koley and Vipul Kumar Jain Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis against Culex pipiens Insecta Culicidae Effect of Bti on two nontarget species Eylais hamata Acari Hydrachnidia and Physa marmorata Gastropoda Physidae and Dosage of their GST biomarker M. Mansouri*, F. Bendali-Saoudi*, D. Benhamed* and N. Soltani* Geometric morphometrics reveals morphological differentiation within four African stingless bee species Rofela Combey,, Juliana Stephanie Galaschi Teixeira, Vanessa Bonatti, Peter Kwapong and Tiago Mauricio Francoy Comparing effects of two creatine loading methods along with 6 weeks of resistance training on strength and some anthropometric indices of experienced bodybuilders Hadi Baghban and Ensieh Rahimi Pashakolaei Effect of solvents on 6Gingerol content of ginger rhizome and alligator pepper seed Y. O. Usman, S. E. Abechi, O. O. Benedict, O. Victor, U. U. Udiba, N. O. Ukwuije and S. E. Anyahara Distribution of ABO and rhesus blood groups among medical students in Bowen University Iwo Nigeria Olubayode Bamidele, Dennis S. Arokoyo and Abiola O. Akinbola