Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-4-issue-2-year-2013.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 4, Issue 2 Influence of chemical stimulators in decreasing of allelopathic effect ofEucalyptus camaldulensis on germination properties of Onobrychis sativa Morteza Saberi, Farajollah Tarnian, Abolfazl Davari, Ebrahim Shahreki and Mojtaba Shahreki Vermicompost plant growth promoting bacteria and humic acid can affect the growth and essence of basil OcimumbasilicumL Mohammad Reza Befrozfar, Davood Habibi, Ahmad Asgharzadeh, Mehdi Sadeghi- Shoae and Mohammad Reza Tookalloo Drip irrigation and Social factors affecting agricultural water management inLorestan Province Mosa Anbari, Rahman Bagheri and Hanieh Davodi Effect of error detection and time of decision making for request feedback inselfcontrolled conditions acquisition and retention of a complex task Hasan. Alikhani, Mohammad Ali. Gharaat , Nasser. Naghdi, Leila. Eidi Abarghani andMohammad. Alikhani Effect of physical activity on elder mens general health status Ahmadi Fatemeh, Zar Abdossaleh, Jahandideh Mohammad Ali, Mehdi Sadeghi and Sharififar Farideh* Diversity of methanogenic bacteria in ecological niches Khosro Issazadeh*, Pouya Nejati, Fariborz Zare and Omid Laczai Bioremediation a naturebased approach towards having a healthierenvironment Javad Kazemzadeh Khoei, S. Farmohammadi, A.S. Noori and A. Padash Evaluation the effect of planting season and crop density on yield and yielddensity of lentil ghachsaran variety in the dry land condition *Iman Azadi, Payam Pezeshkpour and Hadis Nasrollahi The effect of different nitrogen levels on seed yield and morphologicalcharacteristic of mungbean in the climate condition of Khorramabad *Eman Azadi, Masoud Rafiee and Hadis Nasrollahi Effect of planting date and nitrogen fertilizer on two varietiesinner and outer of spinach *Fariba Hosseini Darani, Hossein Zeinali, Amir Hossein Shirani Rad, Ali Khourgami and Hadis Nasrollahi Heavy metals resistance by bacterial strains Khosro Issazadeh*, Nadiya Jahanpour, Fataneh Pourghorbanali, Golnaz Raeisi and Jamileh Faekhondeh Novel single nucleotide polymorphism in intron 4 of TGF3 gene and itsassociation with production trait in Isfahan native fowl Chamani Mohammad* and Faghani Mostafa In vitro rooting of amaryllis Hippeastrum johnsonii a bulbous plant viaNAA and 2iP Sara Zakizadeh*, Behzad Kaviani and Rasoul Onsinejad Effect of seedling age on yield and yield component of rice cultivarsOryza sativa L Leila Rahimpour, Morteza Sam Daliri and Amir Abbas Mousavi Effect of soil inoculation with Azospirillum and Azotobacter bacteria onnitrogen use efficiency and agronomic characteristics of corn Ų­Auoub Amiri and Masoud Rafiee Environmental impacts of electromagnetic waves of mobile phones on humanhealth Mohammad Mahdi Anvari*, Aghil Oliya, Saeid Mahdeloe*, Tayebeh Harbi, Mahsa Masih and Hossein Bagheri Effect of potassium humate on yield and yield components ofdifferent potato varieties as a second crop after barley harvest inArdabil region Iran Jalil Ajalli*, Saeid Vazan, Farzad Paknejad, Mohammad Reza Ardekani and Ali Kashani Effect of sowing date on yield and yield components of sunflowerHelianthus annus L Moslem Fetri, Mohammad Eghbal Ghobadi, Ghassem Asadian and Mohsen Rajabi Inventory of Culicidae Diptera Nematocera in the region of ColloNorthEast Algeria N. Boudemagh, F. Bendali-Saoudi and N. Soltani Investigation of simple and multiple relationship of students performance inWechsler intelligence test WiseIV with Gardners multiple intelligenceonIran Hamid Kamarzarrin, Mohammad Khaledian, Salar Faramarzi, Raziyeh Ahrami and Mozhgan Shooshtari Occurrence of two isoforms of granulebound starch synthase II GBSS II gene in CassavaManihot esculenta Crantz Jelili T. Opabode*, Olufemi O. Oyelakin, John A. Akinkunmi , Oluyemisi A. Akinyemiju and Ivan L. Ingelbrecht Economic analysis of marketing margin for greenhouse cucumbers andtomatoes in KohgiluyehvaBoyerahmad province Iran Behrooz Hassanpour, Morteza Hassanshahi, Hossien Younesi* Effect of weight training programme on body composition muscularendurance and muscular strength of males Kaukab Azeem and Abdulhameed Al Ameer Effect of ethanolic extract of Caralluma daizielii on serum electrolytes levelson fructose induced diabetes in wistar rats Tanko Y., Sada N.H, Mohammed K. A., Jimoh, Yerima M and Mohammed Chrysophylum albidum fruit juice reverses erythrocytes ethylene glycolinduced toxicity inmale Wistar rats Elizabeth Omolola Omotosho, Solomon O. Rotimi, Francis Chukwuma Onwuka and Promise Nwakpa Properties of collagen based edible films in food packaging A review Ainaz Alizadeh* and Somayyeh Behfar Description of the status of strength muscle endurance muscle balance andflexibility in elderly people Mahnaz Nourollahnajafabadi, Zahra Sedighi, Farnaz Sargolzaee, Mina Haghighi and Seiedehkhadijeh Asadysaravi Effect of interaction between manure and super absorbent on the yield and yieldcomponents and some physiological traits in Rapeseed Brassica napus cvs Zarfam underwater deficit P. Kasraie, A. H. Shirani Rad, J. Daneshiyan, M. Nasri, A. R. Valad Abadi and M. Khalatbari Evaluation of related to lodging characteristics and grain yield in Iranian ricegenotypes under modified agronomical systems Salman Dastan, Ghorban Noormohamadi, Hamid Madani, Hamid Reza Mobasser and Morteza Sam Daliri TEOS hydrosol gelchitosan matrix based biosensor for monitoringasparagine in various fruit juices Neelam Verma*, Mandeep Kataria, Kuldeep Kumar and Jyoti Saini Serum and tissue lipid profile in wistar rats administered leaf extract ofFicus exasperata *Oyewole O. I., Adanlawo I. G. and Arise R. O. Effect of seed priming on red bean Phaseolus calcaratus growth and yield Setareh Rastin, Hamid Madani and Shahram Shoaei Morphology of large intestine in ostrich chickens AlaeiNovin Abas.*, Pousty Iraj., Ghilanpour Hassan. ,SohrabiHaghdoust Iraj. Milk lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase as biomarkers in detection of bovinesubclinical mastitis Abbas Kalantari, Shahabeddin Safi*, Abbas Rahimi Foroushani Variations in essential oils of Vitex agnus castus fruits growing in Qum Khorasan andTehran in Iran Shohreh Taziki , Sanaz Hamedeyazdan *, Ali Najafi Pasandi The effect of decreased crude protein diets on performance immune responseand carcass traits of Japanese quail chickens Bahare Sharify Shayan*, Nima Eila, Hosein Norozian Suitable crop rotation results in effective weed control in potato field Mostafa Serajchi, Hossein Reza Rouhi*, Reza Ghorbani, Mohammad Hasan Rashed Mohasel, MehdiNasiri, Korosh Shojaie Increasing resistance of larvae of oncorhynchus mykiss to environmental stresses such astemperature and Ph using the probiotic protexin Mahshid Rezaei, Leila Nateghi The Relationships of Human Resources Management Motivational Skill and Turnover Sharareh Norouzi, Hossein Sepasi, Parivash Nourbakhsh Quantitative plant diversity evaluation of sagadara and navalachi raimonotypicsacred groves in pune district of Maharashtra state India D. K. Kulkarni, D. S. Nipunage, L. M. Hangarge and A. D. Kulkarni Effect of mint and basil extracts on stability of palm oil Roghieh Sadat Mousavi, Mehrdad Ghavami and Leila Nateghi* Effect of ethanolic extract of Caralluma diazielli on serum lipid profiles onfructose induced diabetes in wistar rats Tanko Y., Daniel P.A., Mohammed K.A., Jimoh A., Yerima M and Mohammed A Histopathology and biochemical assessment of excess high dose of methionineon liver heart and kidney tissues in rabbit Afshin Taravati*, Siamak Asri, Shahabeddin Safi, Rasol Madani and Pegman Mortazavi Effect of vermicompost and biofertilizers on yield and yield components ofcommon millet Panicum miliaceum Marjan Shishehbor, Hamid Madani and Mohammad Reza Ardakani Phosphorus fertilizers effect on the yield and yield components of faba beanVicia faba L Davood Hashemabadi Phytochemical study of Algerian Opuntia ficusindica Hanane Dib*, M. Chokri Beghdad and Meriem Belarbi Production and marketing management of walnut in KohgiluyehvaBoyerahmad Province Iran Behrooz Hassanpour, Morteza Hassanshahi, Roohollah Roshan* Optimization of a preselected bacterial consortium for NiII uptake Aditi Bhattacharya and V. S. Lomte Effect of soya beans supplement on blood glucose levels and haematologicalindices on alloxan induced diabetic wistar rats *Sada N. M., Tanko Y and Mabrouk M. A. Characterization of multiple plant growth promotion traits of Pseudomonasaeruginosa FP6 a potential stress tolerant biocontrol agent Sasirekha Bhakthavatchalu, Srividya Shivakumar* and Shankar B. Sullia Determination of heavy metal pollution in vegetables grown along theroadside in Tehran Iran Azam Sadat Delbari and D. K. Kulkarni In vitro assessment of fungicides against banana stem rot fungusMarasmiellus sp *Nagarathnam Thiruchchelvan, Gunaratnam Thirukkumaran and Gunasingham Mikunthan Utilization of barley Hordeum vulgare L flour with common wheatTriticum aestivum L flour in breadmaking Aziz El Yamlahi* and Mohammed Ouhssine Extraction and comparison of alkaloids in different organs during differentphonological periods of Nitraria schoberi Raheleh Zaree*, Mona Farhadi, Zeinab Mohammdzadeh and Golam Reza Goudarzi The effects of the ethanolic extract of Ereromastax speciosa leaf on the serumlevels of leuteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone progesterone andestradiol in female pubertal rats *Mboso O.E., Eyong E. U, Ebong P. E, Iwara A. and Odey, M Seroprevalence of some sexually transmitted infections among antenatalattendees in university of Maiduguri teaching hospital MaiduguriNigeria Ajayi B.B., Ajayi O. D., Hamidu I., Dawurung J. S., Ballah A. D., Isah J. and Chama C. M