Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-4-issue-3-year-2013.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 4, Issue 3 Inventory of Culicidae Diptera Nematocera in the region of Collo NorthEast Algeria N Boudemagh, F Bendali-Saoudi and N Soltani Bioethanol production from Ajowan plant Reza Robati, Alireza Fathi and Sakineh gholami Studying the variation of active Fe content in leaves of Satsuma mandarin grown in a calcareous soil Mahdieh Babri, Zarrin Taj Alipour and Ali Asadi Kangarshahi Effect of time amount and frequency of feeding on blood parameters of broiler breeder flocks Majid Gholami Soltanmoradi, Alireza Seidavi and Mohammad Dadashbeiki Investigation on the effects of feeding timetable on estradiol progesterone triiodothyronine and tetraiodothyronine in broiler breeder flocks Majid Gholami Soltanmoradi, Alireza Seidavi, Mohammad Dadashbeiki Evaluating the effects of recommending High amount of methionine on anemia in rabbit Mohammad Dadashbeiki and Afshin Taravati The effect of pyridoxine and its duration application on bioactive compounds and biochemical activities of germinated wheat Mohsen Asghari, Davood Eradatmand Asli, Mojtaba Yosefi Rad and Maziar Ghandian Zanjan Effect of nitrogen fertilizer and spray the element boron some agronomic traits of corn Zea mays L hybrid SC704 in Varamin Iran Shagholi Sh , N. Nemati and M. Silspur The effects of heredity on the body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness of parents and children Samane Garazhyan, Hadis Raftari, Masoud Zamani, Esmael Piri, Abdolali Rakhshanizadeh and Maghsoud Peeri Antidiabetic effect of methanolic leaf extract of Cissus cornifolia on alloxaninduced hyperglycemic in wistar rats Jimoh A, Tanko Y and Mohammed A Investigating the effect of extension facilities on attitude of rice milling industry owners to reform and renew their units in Guilan Province Mehdi Rasouli, Mohammad Chizari, Iraj Malekmohammadi and Mohsen Ebrahimpour Effect of addition of the emulsifier DATEM on sensory and staling characteristics of gluten free Barbari bread Zohreh Pourzafar, Sara Movahhed and Hossein Ahmadi Chenarbon Assessment of genetic diversity on populations of three satureja species in Iran using ISSR markers M Kameli, SM Hesamzadeh Hejazi and M Ebadi Performance depression due to ingestion of aflatoxin in poultry MR Pourelmi Effect of apistan and bayvarol on bee colonies with and without brood under coastal region of the Caspian Sea condition in western Mazandaran Province Chaloos and Nowshahr MR Pourelmi Study on clinical aspects of SPF chickens infected with H9N2 subtype of Avian Influenza virus Peyman Bijanzad, Reza Momayez, Mohammad Hasan Bozorgmehri Fard, Mohammad, Hasan Hablolvarid, Mohsen Mahmoodzadeh, Amid Reza Jeyrani Moghaddam, Kamrouz Kaboli, Aidin Azizpour and Fatemeh Eshratabadi Effect of hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose gum on organoleptic properties and staling rate of gluten free baguette E Kakaei, S Movahhed and H Ahmadi Chenarbon Comparison of different commercial dairy desert characteristics in Iran Reihaneh Jariteh, Poroshat Dadgostar, Morvarid Yousefi, Leila Nateghi Somatic body composition and anthropometric characteristics of college level men students Sukanta Saha The response of yield components of sunflower to mycorrhiza inoculation and phosphorus fertilizer Tahereh Vaseghmanesh, Khodabakhsh Panahi Kordlaghari, Ghazanfar Mohamadi Neia and Abdolsamad Kelidari Soil chemical properties affected by application of treated municipalwastewater Khodabakhsh Panahi Kordlaghari, Sadigheh Nikeghbali Sisakht and Abdolhossin Saleh Effect of additional white bean flour on chemical and staling properties of iranian industrial and traditional barbari breads Samira Ramezani, Sara Movahhed and Peyman Rajaei Evaluation of drought tolerance indices in wheat recombinant inbred line population Mojtaba Nouraein, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi, Saeid Aharizad, Mohammad, Moghaddam and Behzad Sadeghzadeh Toxic effect of mercury and cadmium on germination and seedling growth of Cajanus cajan L Pigeon Pea Aruna Patnaik and BK Mohanty Improvement vase life protein content and postharvest quality of Dendranthema grandiflorum L cv white by Artemisia oil Mojtaba Samiee, Mohammad Zarchini, Shokrollah Haji Vand and Davood Hashemabadi Phytoremediation using Phragmites australis roots of polluted water with metallic trace elements MTE Meriem Kleche, Houria Berrebbah, Nedjoud Grara, Samira Bensoltane, Mohamed Djekoun and Mohamed-Reda Djebar The effects of saccharomyces cervisiae betaglucan on blood lipids in broiler chickens Saeid Imanpour-Jodey, Sima Moghaddaszadeh-Ahrabi and Ali Rezapour Maternal size affects fecundity of salinetolerant tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus Peters in freshwater tanks Asaad H Mohamed, Rex Ferdinand M Traifalgar and Augusto E Serrano Characterization of antibody titer and immunogenic feature of light chain of botulinum neurotoxin type A Alireza Farasat, Firouz Ebrahimi, Seyed Jafar Mousavy, Mohammad Bagher Salehi and Mosayeb Rostamian Control of contamination during micropropagation process of Rootstocks Mariana Prunus mariana Saleh Amiri, Shahnam Ashtari, Abdullah Hossein Babaiy, Samad Aliyoun Nazari, Ehsaneh Khodadadi, Ehsan Khodadadi and Mohsen Sabzi Influence of toxic phytoplanktons and heavy metals in the antioxidant response of a common herbivorous fish species Sarpa salpa Khaled Bellassoued, Jos Van Pelt and Abdelfattah Elfeki Anatomical study and natural incidence of primary bud necrosis and its correlation with cane diameter node position and sampling date in Vitis vinifera L cv Askari Bijan Kavoosi, Saeed Eshghi, Enayatela Tafazoli, Majid Rahemi, Yajya Emam Evaluation of Trichoderma spp as biological agents in some of plant pathogens Mohammad Reza Safari Motlagh and Zahra Samimi Effect of Drought stress Application of Biological Nitrogen Fertilizers on the Yield and Yield Components of Safflower Carthamus tinctorius L Mostafa Eskandari, Mohammad Nasri, Behzad sani Effects of Water Stress and Application of Biofertilizer Phosphorus on Agronomic Traits of Safflower Varieties Carthamus tinctrius L Alireza Sanoie, Mohammad Nasri, Farshad Ghooshchi Effect of intermittent furrow irrigation humic acid and deficit irrigation on water use efficiency of sugar beet Mehdi Sadeghi-Shoae,Farzad Paknejad, Hossein Hassanpour Darvishi, Hamid Mozafari, Majid Moharramzadeh and Mohamad Reza Tookalloo