Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-4-issue-5-year-2013.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 4, Issue 5 The effects of shrubs common myrtle Myrtus communis on soil chemical andphysical characteristics of Basht area Ruhollah Jahanbin, Esfandiar Jahantab*, Ali Alirezanezhad, Zahra Javdani and Mohammad Reza Mirzaee Relationship between social intelligence and happiness in Payame NoorUniversity students Hassan Aminpoor Economic model assessment of wood polymer composites production fromagricultural wastes Javadzadeh Moghtader Ghasem Comparison of Salvia verticillata essential oil components in wild andcultivated population Sepideh Nasermoadeli, Vahid Rowshan, Abdolhosein Abotalebi*, Ladan Nasermoadeli, and Mohamad Mehdi Charkhchian Genetic variation and interrelationship of seed mucilage swelling factor andagronomic traits in Plantago ovata wild accessions D. Karimi, B. Heidari*, S. N. Daneshnia and A. Dadkhodaie Effects of dietary glycemic index on Creactive protein concentrations afteracute bout of endurance exercise in male athletes Seyyed Javad Ziaolhagh*, Mehdi Arab and Zabih Ghadampur The impact of spraying silamol on the resistance of some agronomicalparameters of Lolium Perenne L to salinity Iraj Samipour, Masoud Mashhadi Akbar Boojar and Alireza Pazoki Evaluation the allelopathic effects of aerial and underground extract ofsunflower Helianthus annus L on germination charactristics and seedlinggrowth of Hoary cress Cardaria draba Afshar Azadbakht, Sohrab Mahmoodi, Reza Amraie, Behzad Amraei and Hadis Nasrollahi Assessment of water use efficiency in related to yield and yield components ofcorn in deficit irrigation condition Azadeh Madeh Khaksar*, Ahmad Naderi, Amir Ayeneh Band and Shahram Lak Some physiological markers in elite male indoor rock climbers Seyyed Javad Ziaolhagh* and Mehdi Arab Reproduction characteristics and length weight relationships of the sand whitingSillago sihama in the south coastal of Iran Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Mohammad Reza Mirzaei, Tooraj Valinasab, Zulfigar Yasin and Aileen Tan Shau Hwai Plant regeneration and cold preservation of Eureka lemon Citrus limon LBurm f Eureka by using sodium alginateencapsulated shoot tips Alam Ara Gholami*, Seyed Vahid Alavi,Ahmad Majd and Fathollah Fallahian Study of correlation among yield and yield components affecting traits onbread wheat under drought stress and nonstress conditions Siavoosh Solhi Andarab Investigation of drought tolerance using tolerance indexes to identify sensitiveand tolerant genotypes in wheat genotypes Siavoosh Solhi Andarab Prediction of quality parameters in Onobrychis sativa L by near infraredreflectance spectroscopy M. Mohammadi Sarab Badieh*, S. M. Hesam Zadeh Hejazi, S. R. Tabaei Aghdaei, M. R. Naghavi and A. A. Jafari The examination of different NaCl concentrations on germination radiclelength and plumule length on three cultivars of clover Soroush Gravandi The effect of endurance training and extract of fenugreek seed on serumvisfatin and vaspin levels in diabetic rats Peeri. Maghsoud,Yazdanshenasan Shahraki. Saeedeh*, Azarbayjani. Mohamad Ali andArshadi. Sajad Effect of potassium and Zeolite on seed oil and biological yield in safflower *Smimeh Khodami Abasiyeh, Amir Hossein Shirani Rad, Babak Delkhoush, Gorban Noor Mohammadi and Hadis Nasrollahi Study of some Iranian apricot with leaf morphological markersleaf characteristics Reza Kamrani and Naser Bouzari Effect of phosphate fertilizer fertilize 2 phosphorus and nitrogen on yieldand nitrogen content of seed in corn SC704 variety Ali Minapour, Ali Khourgami, Masoud Rafiee, Payam Pezeshkpour and Hadis Nasrollahi Effect of intrauterine antibiotic injection 24 hours after insemination onconception rate in cows with endometritis Samad Mosaferi, Arash Davatgar Badie and Hossein Nikniaz* Study the effect of phosphate fertilizer fertile2 phosphorus and foliarnitrogen on yield and yield components of maize cultivar SC 704 in weatherconditions of Kouhdasht *Ali Minapour, Ali Khourgami, Masoud Rafiee, Payam Pezeshkpour and Hadis Nasrollahi The relationship of positive and negative perfectionism with competitive stateanxiety in adolescent handball players Hamed Alizadeh Pahlavani, Shahram Alam, Maryam Monazami and Shahrokh Bahmaei Effect of different irrigation regimes on yield and water use efficiency ofwinter wheat Keyvan Shamsi* and Soheil Kobraee Effects of endurance training on ATP in male rats Behrooz Yazdani, Hasan Matin Homaee, Najmeh Habibi, Esmat Doosti and Mahtab Firozeh Effect of no tillage method and nitrogen fertilizer levels on maizeZea mays L yield under conditions of southern part of Lorestan province inIran Mohsen Sharafi*, Mohammad Mehranzadeh, Ali A. Mirakzadeh Effects of excess dietary lysine and methionine on performance andeconomical efficiency of broiler chicks Mehrdad Bouyeh Effect of salinity stress levels on amount of proline of three factors of rape seed Nashmil Rohi Saralan, Azad Khalili Mosavi, Seid Mehdi Razavi and Davar Molazem Effect of exercise modes with similar intensities on lipidperoxidation andmuscledamage markers on sedentary males Daruosh Moflehi, Lian-Yee Kok, Saidon Amri and Tengku-Fadilah TK Oxidative stress chlorophyll content and ROS production and localization inTriticum durum seed Issaad Ghozlène., Djebar Mohammed-Réda, Grara Nedjoud, Berrebbah Houria, and Chagra Ali Comparative study between different storage practices on the basis ofinfestation in spices Promila Dahiya and Binoo Sehgal Canine leishmaniasis in Constantine Test of a therapeutic and Zyloric the Glucantime Bererhi El Hacene, Bouaziz Omar and Kabouia Rachid Application of bubble curtain system for prevention of seawater intrusion inestuary of tidal rivers Mehdi Nezhad Nader, Masoud Reza Hessami Kermani and Gholam-Abbas Barani Investigation of tidal overflow from underground dam in coastal aquifers forprevention of saltwater iintrusion Mehdi Nezhad Naderi, Masoud Reza Hessami Kermani and Gholam-Abbas Barani The effects of injury prevention programs on anthropometric factors inprofessional male soccer players Abdolhamid Daneshjoo, Abdul Halim Mokhtar, Nader Rahnama, Mojtaba Toutouni, Jalil Reisi and Ashril Yusof Investigating the link between genetic characteristics and mineralogy of sanddunes in Tasoukirigchah Southeastern Sistan Mohsen Farahi, Alireza Shahryary, Sadegh Fakhoreh and Ahmad Pahlavanroy A comparison between affecting factors in football and volleyball spectatorattendance study of SaipaAlborz club Mojtaba Raeisi, Shahram Alam and Abbas Khodayari First report on five hitherto unreported macro fungi from Rajouri district ofJammu Kashmir JK India Nidhi Anand and P. N. Chowdhry Effect of drought stress and potassium foliar application on somephysiological indices of three wheat Triticum aestivum L cultivars Abbas Zareian, Hosein Heidari Sharif Abad, Aidin Hamidi, Ghorban Noor Mohammadi, and Seid Ali Tabatabaei Pomegranate Punica granatum from ancient roots to modern life knownwith a potent antibacterial activity Amal A Al Hazzani, Afaf I Shehata, Nadine MS Moubayed, Abdulaziz Al-Jafari, Farid Ataya, Mohamed Daoud, Hadeel Jawad Al Houri, Humaira Rizwana and Gehan Elgaaly Comparison of bovine viral diarrhea virus infection between sarabian andholstein dairy cows in relation to abortion AmirParviz Rezaeisaber, Hossein Nikniaz and Arash Davatgar Badie Genomic analysis and comparison of very virulent infectious bursal diseasevirus vvIBDV affecting Malaysian poultry chickens with other IBDV strains Mohd Shahrin Ghazali, Raha Ahmad-Raus, Noriha Mat Amin, Syamsiah Aini Shohaimi, Farah Diba Abu Bakar, Norafiza Binti Zainuddin and Nor Azlin Alia Nor Muhammad Cytoplasmic membrane stability assessment as an indirect criterion indraught tolerance selection in bread wheat Shirin Siahkouhi, Hossein Shahbazi and Ali Akbar Imani Iranian womens knowledge need to improve for prevention of inducedabortion an educational need assessment Lida Jarahi, Alipasha Meysamie and Reza Habibzadeh Shojaee Technical efficiency estimates of paddy farming in peninsular MalaysiaA comparative analysis Mohd Mansor Ismail, Nurjihan Idris and Behrooz Hassanpour Effects the different amount of zine sulphate and seed amounts on dill essenceand yielding Nader Modafe Behzadi, Reza Kamrani, Mohammad Mehdi Akbarian and abber Agha Rahimi The study of qualitative quantitative characteristics of lombardy commonshirazi poplars species in manually planted stands in Western Isfahan province Soheil Soheili Esfahani, Asghar Fallah and Mohammad Reza Pour Majidian Investigation energy balance Indices by seed chemical compounds in cornproduction in north of Iran Maral Moraditochaee, Ebrahim Azarpour and Hamid Reza Bozorgi Outcome assessment in the treatment of A2OTA type fractures of the distalradius by short arm cast versus long arm cast Amir Reza Kachooei, Mohammad Taghi Peivandi, Mohamad H Ebrahimzadeh, Shiva Razi, Reza Mahdavian Naghashzargar, Masoomeh Noori,Seyed Reza Habibzade Shojaie and Hosein Hajitaghi Water deficiency and its effects on grain yield and some physiological traitsduring different growth stages in lentil Lens culinaris L cultivars Pezhman Allahmoradi, Cyrus Mansourifar, Mohsen Saidi and Saeed Jalali Honarmand Effects of biostimulators and biofertilizers on morphological traits ofbasil Ocimum bacilicum L Arefe Rahimi, Ali Mehrafarin, Hassanali Naghdi Badi* and Farahnaz Khalighi-Sigaroodi Evaluation of the relation of antioxidant enzymes activity with droughttolerance in vegetative and reproductive growth stages Solmaz Shahandeh*, Ali Akbar Imani and Hossein Shahbazi