Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-4-issue-7-year-2013.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 4, Issue 7 Evaluation the effects of penicillin in control of clinical pneumonia in calves Amir Parviz Rezae Saber, Babak Farkhad Hoshyar*, Farshad Sadigi, Behnam Ali Asgharzade, Davood Bakhshi, Masoud Aghapour, Saeed Babaei and Javad Kkhanzade Effect of using monensin with different source of carbohydrate on brown swiss steers performance Mah Di Edalati Nasab*, Hamed Amini Pour and S. Masoud Davoudi Study of agricultural traits relative to yield and salt stress in primary lines oftritipyrum AABBEbEb comparison with bread wheat by GGE biplot method Seyed Ebrahim Seifati, Hossein Soltani Nejad*, Ramin Abbaspour, Hossein Shahsavand-Hassani and Hamid Nouri Influences of seeding rate on the agronomical traits of rapeseed cultivar Brassica napus L M. E. Etemadi, A. A. Mousavi, M. Sam Daliri and Sepideh Najafi Estimation of genetic parameters for direct and maternal effects of Growth traits in Iranian Adani goats Yazdanshenas Mohammad sadegh, Vaez Torshizi Rasoul, Emam Jome kashan Naser , Aminafshar Mehdi Comparison of regional organization for protection of the marine environment ROPME and the convention of Caspian Sea protection Mohammad Hossein Porkareh, Seyed Masood Monavari, Yousef Molaei and Masood Akhavan Fard Studying the effects of zinc and manganese on crop characteristics and rice yield the variety of Rice Oriza sative L Azadeh Deilami, Hamid Reza Mobaser and Amiri Abbas Musavi Study the effect of varieties and planting date on sunflower production Helianthus annuus L Bagheripour Mohammad Ali, Asad Abadi Behrouz and Akbarian Mohammad Mahdi Comparison of CHROMagarTM acinetobacter and conventional methods for isolation Acinetobacter baumannii from tracheal aspirates patients with ventilatorassociated pneumonia VAP Leila Soltani, Mohammad Rahbar, Mona Mohammad Zadeh and Saadat Molanae Study on farming systems and selecting suitable production pattern for tea growing areasof Iran Mohammad Karim Motamed*, Hojatollah Alavy, Vahidreza Shadmand and Farisa Irannejad Effect of ethanol extract of pumpkin Cucurbita ficifolia leaves on blood glucose lipids and lipoproteins in diabetic rats with alloxan monohydrate Mehrdad Pashazadeh*, Arvin Tayari and Jafar Mirzazadeh Investigation effects zeolite and their integrated biofertilizer and different levels of chemical nitrogen fertilizer under irrigation management on physiological traits Peanut Arachis hypogaea L Maral Moraditochaee, Ebrahim Azarpour*, Hamid Reza Bozorgi and Ali Reza Heidarian Effect of different concentration of honey on rheological properties of sesame paste Ardeh Sepideh Gharehyakheh*, Hamid Tavakolipour and Maryam Amiri Oxidative stress biomarkers in diabetic mothers and their newborns Farah Kheirat, Hafida Merzouk*, Nassima Boudilmi, Sid Ahmed Merzouk, Arslan Malti and Michel Narce The evaluation of yield and effective characteristics on yield of promising potato clones Samaneh Behjati*, Rajab Choukan, Hassan Hassanabadi and Babak Delkhosh Growth and essential oil of Mentha longifolia L var amphilema from different ecological conditions Bohloul Abbaszadeh, Maryam Teymoori, Mahtab Pouyanfar, Mohammad Bagher Rezaei and Saeedeh Mafakheri Evaluation the affects of heat stress on performance and newcastle disease in broiler breeder farm Adel Feizi*, Babak Farkhad Hoshyar, Sasan Hamzei, Javad Khanzade, Hasan Arab and Peyman Bijanzad Effective factors and barriers on the implementation of precision farming from agriculture experts viewpoint9498 Niknam Bahari*, Leila Karpisheh and Shaghayegh Kheiri Diabetes effects on mothers and infants parameters Diabetes Mellitus, Blood Sugar, Placenta weight. Morphological characterization of Onobrychis sect Heliobrychis Fabaceae in Iran Sanam Safaei Chaei Kar*, Farangis Ghanavati, Javad Mozafari, Mohammad R. Naghavi and Faroukh Darvish Identify of some Iranian apricot with fruit morphological markers Fruit characteristics Reza Kamrani Evaluation the serum values of copper in sheep flocks of KalyebarIran Amin Rahbar*, Amir Parviz Rezaie Saber and Ali Hasanpour Assessment of salinityrelated traits in the recombinant inbred lines population derived from the cross wheat varieties of Roshan and Sabalan Mahnaz Ghaedrahmati*, Mohsen Mardi, Mohamad Reza Naghavi, Eslam Majidi Heravan, Babak Nakhoda and Amin Azadi Study of serum concentrations of ferous phsphourus and cobalt in cows with theilleriosis Bakhshi, D, Ali Hassanpour* and Rahmani Kahnamoie J Use of site specific strategies for weed management to reduce herbicide application Mojtaba Nosrati, Mohamad Hossein Raoufat and Alireza Rafigh The effect of drought stress on flower yield and morphology of Matricaria chamomilla L in different harvests Mina Karimi Rahjerdi, Farhad Farahvash, Bahram Mirshekari and Bohloul Abbaszadeh Fibroadenoma and breast cancer patients lymphocytes sensitivity to gamma rays An evaluation by micronuclei assay Usha Kumari*, Pawan K Dhar, Dhanalekshmi UM and Gopala Krishna Bhat Assessment of genetic diversity in Lens culinaris M using ISJ marker Elham Salahvarzi,Aram SalahvarziŁ­ and Reza Drikvand Seroprevalance of leptospirosis in dairy cows in MianehIran H. Vakili, A. Hassanpour* and M. Khakpour Comparison of ammonium acetate at different concentrations and some extractants for determination of plantavailable potassium in different soils of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province in Iran Milad Zarenia, Ali Reza Hosseinpur,Meysam Zarbizadeh and Shahram Kiani Infection of Abramis brama with Ligula intestinalis in aras reservoir West Azerbaijan Iran Dariush Azadikhah*, Omid Roosan-Miandoab, Sohrab Rasouli, Ali Nekuie-fard and Hadi Fakhri Diversity indices of macro invertebrates in the Satajan Wetland of Lakhimpur District Assam Lakhi Prasad Hazarika Management of maize banded leaf and sheath blight with fungicides and biocontrol agents Divya V Rani*, Narayan P Reddy and Uma G Devi Effect of INM practices on nutrient uptake and seed yield in safflower B. Raju*, P.C. Rao, A. Pratap Kumar Reddy and K. Rajesh Rheological properties of skin gelatin of Beluga Sturgeon Huso Huso from The Caspian Sea Abbas Mahjoorian, Seyed Ali Mortazavi, Hamid Tavakolipour*, Ali Motamedzadegan and Bijan Askari Studying consequences of drought on economic condition of farmers in Iran Ashtian M. Arfaee*, A. Zand, S. M. Mirdamadi and B. Ansari Proximate and chemical composition of OGI prepared from whole and powdered grains Maize Sorghum and Millet O. O. Pikuda and N. O. Ilelaboye* Management of Sitophilus oryzae L Coleoptera Curculionidae under modified atmospheric condition on stored sorghum Jayashree Mekali, Naganagoud, A, Sreenivas, AG , Somasekhar and Udaykumar Nidoni Effects of Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculants on soybean Glycine max L Merr growth and nodulation Maria Zerpa, Juliana Mayz* and Jesus Mendez Effect of zinc and iron under the influence of drought on prolin protein and nitrogen leaf of rapeseed Brassica napus Mohsen Pourgholam*, Nabiollah Nemati and Meysam Oveysi Development of some bioactive food compounds based soy spreads Sanjukta Kar, Minakshi Ghosh* and D. K. Bhattacharyya Proteomic analysis of rapeseed Brassica napus L seedling roots under salt stress Ali Bandehagh*, Ebrahim Dorani Uliaie and Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh