Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/abr-volume-5-issue-2-year-2014.xml Annals of Biological Research Volume 5, Issue 2 Effects of chronic restraint stress on energetic metabolism and the evolutionof depression evaluated in the open field test in the female wistar rat Meriem Haloui*, Abdelkrim Tahraoui, Fatiha Bououza, Abdelmadjid Bairi, Nadia Boukhris, Mohamed S. Boulaakoud and Mohamed L. Ouakid A hospital based retrospective study on prevalence of hyperuricemia inLumbini zone Nepal Youbraj Neupane, P. Padmavathi, Raju Kumar Dubey, Narayan Gautam, Archana Jayan and Amar Kumar Sinha* Effect of algal concentration and initial density on the population growth ofDiaphanosoma brachyrum Livin Crustacea Cladocera Ayda Tellioğlu Description and importance of some predictive models that are used as toolsin food conservation Cerón-Carrillo, T. G., Luna-Villa M., Munguia-Pérez R. and Santiesteban-López N. A. Is there any variation between the clutch and egg size of the common moorhenGallinula chloropus breeding on Lake Tonga in Northeast of Algeria Hassiba Zediri*, Adnène Ibrahim Belabed, and Zihad Bouslama Monitoring pollution in East Algerian coasts using biochemical markers in thepolychaete annelid Perinereis cultrifera Messaouda Guemouda, Zoubeida Meghlaoui, Tarek Daas, Ouided Daas-Maamcha and Patrick Scaps The acute toxicity in mice and the in vitro anthelminthic effects onHaemonchus contortus of the extracts from three plants Cassia sieberianaGuiera senegalensis and Sapium grahamii used in traditional medicine inBurkina Faso Aristide Traore,*, Sylvin Ouedraogo, Adama Kabore Hamidou H. Tamboura and I. Pierre Guissou Correlations of hip and knee range of motion with selected anthropometricvariables in Indian obese individuals Shyamal Koley and Jaspreet Kaur Sodhi Correlations of neck disability index with anthropometric and neckbiomechanical variables in Indian obese adolescents Shyamal Koley, Mayank Kaushal and Rohit Sharma Checklist of fishes of Lower Subansiri river drainage Northeast India Bikramaditya Bakalial*, Shyama P. Biswas, Sabita Borah and Debojit Baruah Study of the ecological status of Iranian yew herbal towards its revival in Iran and theword in recent years Sulmaz Janfaza*, Mohammad Reza Purmajidiyan , Mahdi Moradi Reproductive ecology of mallard duck Anas platyrhynchos at TONGA lakeNorthEast of Algeria LABBACI Ridha, BOURBIA Said, BOUSLAMA Zihad Residues of diazinon insecticide in Abbandans adjacent of three rivers ofBabolroud Talar and Siahroud Hassan Hassanzadeh Hosseinabadi Effects of nitrogen phosphorus and irrigation regimes on growth and leaf productivity ofsage Salvia officinalis L in Kenya Rioba Boke Naomi, Saidi Mwanarusi and Itulya Francis Musyoka Isolation and purification of riboflavin binding protein from ostrich eggStruthio camelus Nadhira Nikhath, K. Madhukar Rao, K. Srikanth Chari#, N. Ramaswamy# and M. S. K. Prasad Studying the effect of nutrient fertilizers on agronomical and biological yieldof wheat CV Alvand Hooshang Faraji, Ali Moradi, Shahrokh Jahanbin and Ali Rahimi The effect of one session intense anaerobic exercise Bruce test on serum levelof IL6 and IL33 in volybalist athletes Khazaei Hossein Ali, Jalili Arman*, Andarzy Salar, Hajeenejad Salah, Khazaei Asl Samaneh, Sharyari Glareie and Sanchuli Zari Germination of Carum copticum under salinity stress as affected by salicylicacid application Azar Movaghatian* and Farhad Khorsandi