Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/aeb-volume-2-issue-2-year-2014.xml Annals of Experimental Biology Volume 2, Issue 2 Effects of Flooding on Amassoma Flood Plain Phytoplankton Niger Delta Nigeria Akankali, J.A., Abowei J.F.N and CHARLES, E* Histological and Biochemical Effects of Azadirachta indica and Melatonin in Streptozotocininduced Diabetic Wistar rats E. T. Godam, M.O.A Samaila, A.O. Ibegbu and W.O. Hamman Factors influencing the range shift of plant species in wetlands Northern Region GHANA CollinsAyine Nsor*, Edward Adzesiwor Obodai and John Blay CNS Activity of the Methanol Extracts of Acalypha indica linn in Experimental Animal Model M Vijusha*, P Bharath, M Suvarna Cardioprotective and Antioxidant activity of Onion Allium cepa Leaves Extract in Doxorubicin Induced Cardiotoxicity in Rats Q. Neha Nausheen, S. Ayaz Ali*, K. Subur Metal Chelating Activity of Glycine max Seed Extract on Ferrous DoxorubicinInduced Cardiotoxicity in Rats Q. Neha Nausheen, S. Ayaz Ali*, K. Subur Biocontrol and PGPR potential of marine sponge Callysspongia diffusa associated Pfluorescens BCPBMS1 V. Vasanthabharathi and S. Jayalakshmi Factors influencing litter traits and body weight at preweaning ages among temperate rabbit breeds in the tropical conditions of Nigeria O.M. Akinsola*, B.I.Nwagu , M. Orunmuyi, G.T. Iyeghe-Erakpotobor, O.T.F.Abanikannda, A.J. Shoyombo, and U.Louis