Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/aeb-volume-3-issue-2-year-2015.xml Annals of Experimental Biology Volume 3, Issue 2 Prevalence of Hepatitis B surface antigen HbsAg among pregnant women attending University Health Services sickbay ABU Zaria Okeke, K. N., Ella, E. E*., and Jatau, E. D. Winter Avian Population of Gandheswari River Bank in Bankura District of West Bengal India Arkajyoti Mukherjee, Achintya Kumar Pal and Utpal Singha Roy* Metal concentration of some microelements found in some fruits and vegetables commonly consumed in Zaria metropolis E. B. Adelanwa and A’ishatu Abdulmumin Detection of PfATPase6 and PFTCTP genes of Plasmodium Falciparum in patients receiving artemisinin combination therapy In Kano Nigeria D. B Maikaje , Y. A. Umar, Y. Sadiq*, S. S. Usman F. Sarkinfada and B. A Darma Geometric morphometrics of the skull of two African rodents Thryonomys swinderianus and Cricetomys gambianus Samuel, O.M*, Parés-Casanova, P.M, Nwaogu, I.C., Olopade, J.O Two clear different wool phenotypes in White Majorcan ovine breed P.M. Parés-Casanova, Solivellas, J. and Cifre, J.