Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/aeb-volume-5-issue-1-year-2017.xml Annals of Experimental Biology Volume 5, Issue 1 Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Accelerates Completion of Maze Task in Mice Nathaniel L Ritz, Derek M Lin, Larry L Barton, Henry C Lin Remarkable Economic and EnergyBased Income from a Harvested Poplar Plantation inthe South of Sweden Lars Christersson Anopheles and Culex Mosquito Species Diversity and Its Epidemiological Implications in the Makurdi Area of Benue State North Central Nigeria Manyi Manasseh Msugh-Ter*, Aker Palegh, Dechi Aloysius Aondowase Biology and Management of Legume Flower Thrips Megalurothrips sjostedti Thysanoptera Thripidae a Major Insect Pest of Cowpea A Review Sani I* and Umar KM Vegetative Propagation of Vitex doniana Sweet from Root Segments Cuttings Effects of Substrate and Length of Cuttings on the Rooting Ability Mapongmetsem PM*, Djomba E, Fawa G, Oumarou Z, Dangai Youhana, Bellefontaine R