Scholars Research Library The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the research. Today, change is so rapid that the researchers have to keep itself aware with the latest discoveries, findings and research. rss//rss/aeb-volume-6-issue-2-year-2018.xml Annals of Experimental Biology Volume 6, Issue 2 A Formulated Dietchart For Patients With Muscular Dystrophy And Its Clinical Significance Niraj Kumar Srivastava, Achal Srivastava, Somnath Mukherjee, Rohan Sharma, Akhilesh Sonkar, Ashok Kumar Mahapatra, Deepak Sharma Chemical Composition Toxicity And Biochemical Efficacy Of Phyllantus Fraternus Against Major Three Stored Grain Pests Adesina J Mobolade, Heisnam D Chanu, Kabrambam D Singh, Thiyam B Devi, Ningthoujam I Singh, Anjanappa Raghavendra, Dinabandhu Sahoo, Yallappa Rajashekar Similar Mechanical Forces In Hemimandible Goat Breeds Pere M. Parés-Casanova, Oluwale M. Samuel, James O. Olopade Study on selected tea cultivars of North Bengal for their suitability in green tea production B Adhikary, A.B. Sen, J.J. Ghosh, P. Tamuly, R.C. Gogoi and A. Babu