Concepts of Lightning, Static Electricity, Electric Heating and
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Opinion Article - European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research ( 2022) Volume 10, Issue 2

Concepts of Lightning, Static Electricity, Electric Heating and Electric Discharge

Jacob Henry*
Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Illinois, USA
*Corresponding Author:
Jacob Henry, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Illinois, USA, Email:

Received: 07-Jan-2022, Manuscript No. EJASER-22-58438; Editor assigned: 10-Jan-2022, Pre QC No. EJASER-22-58438 (PQ); Reviewed: 17-Jan-2022, QC No. EJASER-22-58438; Revised: 27-Jan-2022, Manuscript No. EJASER-22-58438 (R); Published: 09-Feb-2022 , DOI: 10.36648/2278-0041.10.2.4


Electricity is a series of physical phenomena related to the existence and movement of substances with the property of electric charge. Electricity is related to magnetism, both of which are part of the phenomenon of electromagnetics as explained by Maxwell's equations. Various common phenomena related to electricity, such as lightning, static electricity, electric heating, and electric discharge. The presence of either positive or negative charges creates an electric field. The movement of the charge is an electric current, which creates a magnetic field. When the charge is placed in a non-zero electric field, force acts on it. The magnitude of this force is given by Coulomb's law. As the charge moves, the electric field acts on the charge. Therefore, we can talk about the electric potential at a particular point in space. This corresponds to the work done by an external agent in transporting a unit of positive charge from an arbitrarily selected reference point to that point without accelerating it, usually measured in bolts.

Different Fields of Physical Science

Since ancient times, the electrical phenomenon has been investigated; the theoretical understanding of the 17th and the 18th century has been delayed. Electromagnetic theory was developed in the 19th century, and the electric engineer's electricity was used for industrial and residence until the end of this century. The rapid expansion in this electrical technology is a rapid increase in transformed industries and society that is the second industrial revolution. Special versatility of electricity means that it can be set to nearly unlimited application sets, including transport, heating, lighting, communication and calculation. Power is the skeleton of modern industrial society. The presence of price offers upward thrust to an electrostatic pressure: fees exert a pressure on every other, an impact that changed into known, eleven though now no longer understood, in antiquity. A light-weight ball suspended from a string may be charged with the aid of using touching it with a pitcher rod that has itself been charged with the aid of using rubbing with a cloth. If a comparable ball is charged with the aid of using the equal glass rod, it's miles observed to repel the first: the price acts to pressure the 2 balls aside. Two balls which can be charged with a rubbed amber rod additionally repel every other. However, if one ball is charged with the aid of using the glass rod, and the alternative with the aid of using an amber rod, the 2 balls are observed to draw every other. These phenomena had been investigated with inside the overdue eighteenth century with the aid of using Charles, who deduced that price manifests itself in opposing forms. This discovery caused the famous axiom: like-charged items repel and opposite-charged items attract. The pressure acts at the charred debris them; as a result price has an inclination to unfold itself as frivolously as feasible over a accomplishing surface. The importance of the electromagnetic pressure, whether or not appealing or repulsive, is given with the aid of using Coulomb`s law, which relates the pressure to the fabricated from the fees and has an inverse-rectangular relation to the gap among them. The electromagnetic pressure may be very robust, 2d simplest in energy to the robust interaction, however not like that pressure it operates over all distances. In assessment with the an awful lot weaker gravitational pressure, the electromagnetic pressure pushing electrons aside is 1042 instances that of the gravitational appeal pulling them together.

Techniques of Cell Isolation

Charge originates from sure sorts of subatomic debris, the maximum acquainted companies of which might be the electron and proton. Electric price offers upward thrust to and interacts with the electromagnetic pressure, one of the 4 essential forces of nature. Experiment has proven price to be a conserved quantity, that is, the internet price inside an electrically remitted machine will usually continue to be steady irrespective of any modifications taking vicinity inside that machine. Within the machine, price can be transferred among bodies, both with the aid of using direct contact, or with the aid of using passing alongside a accomplishing material, along with a wire. The casual time period static power refers back to the internet presence (or 'imbalance') of price on a body, commonly precipitated while assorted substances are rubbed together, moving price from one to the alternative. Charge may be measured with the aid of using some of means, an early device being the gold-leaf electroscope, which despite the fact that nevertheless in use for study room demonstrations, has been outmoded with the aid of using the digital electrometer. The movement of an electric charge is called an electric current, and its strength is usually measured in amperes. Electricity consists of moving charged particles. Most commonly these are electrons, but the charge in motion represents an electric current. Current can flow through some things, conductors, rather than electrical insulators.

Historical convention defines that a positive current flows in the same direction as the positive charge it contains, or from the most positive part of the circuit to the most negative part. The current defined in this way is called the conventional current. Therefore, the movement of negatively charged electrons around a circuit, which is one of the most well-known forms of electric current, is considered positive in the opposite direction of the electron. However, under some conditions, the current may consist of a flow of charged particles in both directions or at the same time. Positive and negative rules are often used to simplify this situation. The process by which an electric current flows through a material is called electrical conduction, and its properties depend on the properties of the charged particles and the material in which they move. Examples of electric currents are metal conduction in which electrons flow through a conductor such as metal, and electrolysis in which ions (charged atoms) flow through plasma such as liquids and electric sparks. The particles themselves can move very slowly, but the average drift velocity can be only a few millimeters per second. The electric field that propels the particles propagates at near the speed of light and can transmit electrical signals. You can move rapidly along the wire.