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Our privacy policy

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We at Scholars Research Library make every possible effort at keeping your personal data secure. We ensure :

  • Your personal information (your email id, your contact no. etc) should not be leaked out to any third party for any commercial purpose or misuse.
  • Our site should be safe and secure for you to use ( we do not encourage any virus,spyware,malware etc softwares & sites to be links with us).
  • We strictly follow the copyright rules and regulation,so that others should not take advantage of your original research articles.
  • We adhere "do not disturb policy",therefore if you feel that our mails/promotional activity causes discomfort/trouble to you,please write to us we will remove your email id from our list within 3 working days.

If you feel that any of the above problem persist or you are victim of any above problems,please write to us at . We will be happy to assist.


Payment Policy

Please be assured that we make every effort that all the payments/donations process done by you are completely safe and legal.

  • however we will not be responsible if any payment mistake is done by your side (example : wrong entry of our account number,depositing the amount in any account which is not authorised by us).
  • After making the payments/donations,please inform us at by email,so that we can track the payment made by you and can acknowledge the receipt of the same to you.
  • While sending the payment details,please send the following details to us
    1. Your complete name.
    2. Title of the article provided by you and manuscript submission number as provided by us to you and journal name.
    3. payment amount,payment date,bank name,branch name (where you have made the payment at if depositing by cash),if possible please send us scanned receipt provided by the bank to us by email.
    4. If you have made the payment by cheque/demand draft.Please mail us the Cheque/draft details ( Cheque no., amount entered in cheque/draft no.,).
    5. If sending the payment through courier/post ,please let us know the courier waybill number.
    6. If making the payment through paypal,please let us know the transaction details after you have made the payment.

In case of any problem please send the detailed mail at


Article re-distribution policy

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We do not encourage the redistributition of complete article on other websites (reason being duplicated content on internet).However you can publish the titles of the journal issues with abstracts on your website/blogs,but you must provide the link of our website/webpage in the end of the article as article source.For further details regarding this,please contact us at