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Scholars Research Library

European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research

  • Porous carbon materials for electrochemical capacitive deionization
    Author(s): Chi-Chang Hu

  • Resonance energy transfer in a system of water-soluble ternary quantum dots AgInS2/ZnS and organic dyes
    Author(s): Osipova V.A.

  • Material development and Metamaterial
    Author(s): Yoichiro Koga

  • Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Components
    Author(s): Soshu Kirihara

  • Development and study on continuous high-power magnetron sputtering (C-HPMS)
    Author(s): Zhongzhen Wu

  • Microwave irradiation: In-situ conversion of nanoflakes to nanoflowers of ZnCo2O4 on Ni foam for enhanced electro-catalytic activity
    Author(s): T.V.M. Sreekanth

  • Zinc Oxide Properties Under Different Conditions of Pressure and Temperatures.
    Author(s): Y. Chergui

  • Consideration on safety and security, prevention of accidents or malicious acts during the transport of radioactive material-a challenge
    Author(s): Gheorghe Vieru,

  • Novel HLC-HA-CCS and PVA-CMC-PEG hydrogels for wound dressing
    Author(s): Chenhui Zhu

  • Spectrofluorometric assay using gold nanoparticles and cationic dye Rhodamine B for selective and sensitive detection of L-Cysteine in aqueous environment
    Author(s): Pabitra kumar paul

  • Ab initio study of phase stability in the Cu-Cr-Zr system
    Author(s): F. Hebal

  • Calculations of structural, electronic and optical properties of (ZnSe)n/(ZnTe)n superlattices
    Author(s): Messaoud Caid

  • Materials Engineering Announcement:
    Author(s): Soshu Kirihara,

  • Past Conference Report on Materials Engineering 2020
    Author(s): Soshu Khiria

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