3 D Printing Conference 2021 Announcement | Abstract
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3 D Printing Conference 2021 Announcement

Author(s): Dimitrios Chronopouloss

“International Conference on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing” will be going to held in Paris, France during May 21-22, 2021. Major attractions of this event would revolve around keynote presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations. This year we are focusing on the theme “From Your Imagination to a 3D Model”. The term “3D printing” is progressively utilized as an equivalent word for Additive Manufacturing. It transforms digital 3D models into strong solid by structure them up in layers. The innovation was first invented during the 1980s, and since that time has been utilized for rapid prototyping (RP). 3D Printing has been applied in engineering and healthcare since the beginning of 20th century. For the manufacturing of custom prosthetics and dental inserts, it was first utilized and after that on wards the medicinal applications for 3D printing has advanced essentially. 3D printing is the path towards making cell structures in a limited space using 3D printing innovation, where cell limit and suitability are spared inside the printed construct.