A Big Data Knowledge Computing Platform for the Intelligence Studies | Abstract
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A Big Data Knowledge Computing Platform for the Intelligence Studies

Author(s): Wen Yi

Intelligence studies is a method of using modern information technology and soft science research methods to form valuable information products by collecting, selecting, evaluating and synthesizing information resources. With the advent of the era of big data, the core work of information analysis with data is facing enormous opportunities and challenges. How to make good use of big data in an effort to solve the problem of big data, optimize and improve the traditional intelligence studies methods and tools, innovation and research based on big data are the key issues that need to be studied and solved in current intelligence studies work. The data management module is used to store and manage the relevant data of intelligence studies, which consists of four parts: metadata management, data connection, data integration and data management. The platform supports the import and management of multi-source heterogeneous data, including papers, patents from ISI, PubMed, etc., and also supports the data import with API of MySQL, Hive and other database systems. The platform has more than 20 kinds of data cleaning and updating rules, such as search and replace, regular cleaning, null filling, etc., and also supports users to customize and edit the cleaning rules.