A new way to fight sars-cov-19 | Abstract
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A new way to fight sars-cov-19

Author(s): Valentyn. Nastasenko

Currently, there is no more important problem for humanity than the fight against SARS-CoV-19 (COVID-19). Information of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that the virus envelope quickly degrades at frequencies of 25 and 50 MHz, both in water and air is appeared. However, little attention has been paid to this message. The purpose of this work is to eliminate this drawback and draw attention to a new way of fighting viruses and bacteria by their resonant destruction. This path was founded back in the XX century Alexander Gurvich (Russia) and Royal Rife (USA) and implemented in a number of already invented electronic devices. Royal Rife used this path to treat cancer patients, but in a number of cases he received a negative result, which forced them to reject this path (not without the influence of pharmaceutical companies, due to the threat of losing the market for expensive drugs). Given that COVID-19 is rapidly mutating, it requires the production of billions of doses of new types of vaccines, which is carried out "in pursuit" of mutations. This path requires constant new costs of intellectual, material, technical and economic resources, which are diverted from other areas of improving human life and activities. In addition, during the "in pursuit" period, there are no other more effective methods of combating COVID-19 than isolation, which has a detrimental effect on the economy countries and people's living conditions. Since these problems are more important than other immediate benefits, therefore, it is necessary to forget about past failures and direct all efforts to developing a new path - the resonant destruction of viruses, as a universal disinfectant for all types of viruses. This does not reject the development of new vaccines and traditional methods of treatment; they can be carried out in parallel. The developed individual electronic devices can be made in the form of medallions or additional microchips of smartphones and mobile phones, which are available to all inhabitants of the Earth. If the same resources that were used to develop vaccines are involved in solving this problem, success is possible within a year, and further costs will be minimal.