Abiogenesis: Prerequisite For Cellularity | Abstract
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Abiogenesis: Prerequisite For Cellularity

Author(s): Haley Prichett

The origins of modern organic chemistry can be traced back to the cell hypothesis of life. By putting aside the allencompassing protoplasmic concept, researchers in the twentieth century were able to focus on the purely utilitarian characterization of cell sections. The cell was transformed into a dwelling unit. When this was not the case, current abiogenesis hypotheses should indicate a second in development (synthetic or organic). Researching the role of compartments and layers in synthetic and biotic growth can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of living beings, which is critical for advancing our efforts in astrobiology, the origin of life, and false life studies. Furthermore, it may reveal information about previously unknown developmental features, such as the lipid split between Archaea and Eubacteria.