Additive manufacturing applied in parallel architecture machine | Abstract
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Additive manufacturing applied in parallel architecture machine

Author(s): David Sebastian Matamoros Buitargo

The following research are focused in take an old router machine and adapt it for ceramic materials additive man­ufacturing. The lining of it is improve the small or medi­um industry that by any reason can’t get new high-end capabilities machinery but has old machinery that can be improved or repowered adding some other manufactur­ing technologies. Following this idea, the laboratory has a parallel CNC router built in 2006 with an unsupported hardware (too old) and software with limited capabilities, the followed document show how is made the 3d ceram­ic printing capabilities repowered to this machine under single minutes exchange die (SMED) paradigm. Also, will show the software adjustment made and the following calibration of all the variables concerned at this investiga­tion. This development can also be use in the petrochem­istry industry to make ceramic pellets that can be used to oil refinement