Additive Manufacturing, Processes and ASTM/ISO Standards | Abstract
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Additive Manufacturing, Processes and ASTM/ISO Standards

Author(s): Fabio Sant�??Ana

Present the audience to the Additive Manufactured stan­dardized process by ISO ASTM TC261 / F42 Joint Com­mittee. Present what is Additive Manufacturing and its difference against 3d printing. Additive Manufacturing History and main milestones together with a Personal Journey in the technology, Additive manufacturing pro­cess as described in ASTM ISO 52900 and ASTM ISO 17296 : vat photo polymerization : VPP , sheet lamina­tion : SHL, material jetting : MJT, material extrusion : MEX, directed energy deposition: DED, binder jetting : BJT, powder bed fusion : PBF . Qualification and Char­acterization Standards for a Additive Manufacturing based on ASTM ISO 17296, including quality control , performance and specifications for test methods and ma­terials control. Market differentiation by processes, mate­rials and manufacturers accordingly with public studies from 3dhubs and AMPOWER. Presenter is Member of ASTM F42 Member number 2066434 / ABNT CB026 and CEE261 Member number 578499 and ISO TC261 HOD Brazil for both 2019 TC261 International Meetings (Auburn, USA and Senlis, France).