Anamolous Meissner Effect in MXene | Abstract
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Anamolous Meissner Effect in MXene

Author(s): Syed Rizwan

The Meissner effect in two-dimensional Nb2C MXene is reported. The c-lattice parameter increased from 13.83Å to 22.72Å after chemical treatment and surface morphology shows 2D layered structure. Due to the powder form of our sample, transport properties were not measured despite several efforts made which left the sample grains discontinuous for measurement. The peculiar magnetic properties of our sample indicate clearly the existence of Meissner effect. Fittings of experimentally obtained lower critical field Hc1 and upper critical field Hc2 as a function of temperature to the Ginzburg-Landau (GL) theory confirms possibility of presence of type-II superconductivity in our Nb2C samples.