Comparativeness of Insecticidal Action of Local Medicinal Plants against Stored Grains Pest (Weevils) | Abstract
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Comparativeness of Insecticidal Action of Local Medicinal Plants against Stored Grains Pest (Weevils)

Author(s): F.O. Tawose* and A.S. Bagbe

A study was conducted to evaluate the insecticidal action of four locally available plants namely: Androgaphisp aniculata, Chromolena odorata, Mucuna pruriens, Daturastram onium in Zanjo Jaji area of Lokoja, Kogi State Nigeria against cowpea weevil (Casollobruchusm aculatus), maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais Motsch.) for repellency, adult mortality and antioviposition and growth inhibition tests. The experiment was carried out in the laboratory of Botany Department, Federal University Lokoja. Leaves of four samples were harvested, air-dried and reduced to powder and 250g were measured, soaked in 1litre of distilled water for 48 hours and filtered. A total of forty plates were used consisting of 10 seeds each with 4 plates per treatments. Results revealed that all test materials exhibited repellency action against cowpea and maize weevil. Extracts from the leaves of Androgaphisp aniculata, Chromolenaodorata, Mucuna pruriens and Daturastram onium were observed to be moderately repellant against bean and maize weevil within some hours of exposure. Extracts from the three plant parts exhibited insecticidal activity by causing varying levels of mortality to C. maculates and Sitophilus zeama is with mortality increasing with increase in exposure time. All the four plant extracts caused deaths in C. maculates and Sitophilus zeamais after 22 days of exposure. The high repellent and insecticidal activities demonstrated by the leaves extract compared to the control suggest that the treated should be prioritized for the control and management of C. maculates and Sitophilus zeamais.