Cumbersome task: data science in the old industry -2 | Abstract
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Cumbersome task: data science in the old industry -2

Author(s): Sciver Williams

About 3 years ago, my boss decided that it’s time to leverage the superpowers of data. So, I was the first data scientist, a unicorn, amongst 6600 colleges at Aurubis. The primary task was to introduce, to explain, promote and establish data science skillset within the organization. Old industry, like metallurgy and mining, are not the typical examples of successful digital transformation because the related business models are extremely stable, even in the era of hyperinnovation. At least this is what some people believe, and it’s partly true, because for some branches, there is no burning platform for digitization, and hence, the change process is inert. Data science is the fundamental component of digital transformation. Our contribution to the change has a huge impact because we can extract the value from the data and generate the business value, to show people what can be done when the data is there and valid.