Design of a Semi-Automatic Artificial Incubator | Abstract
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Design of a Semi-Automatic Artificial Incubator

Author(s): Ngnassi Djami Aslain Brisco and Nzie Wolfgang

The purpose of this paper is to design an artificial incubator whose costs would be around 353.54 USD, using simple technology accessible to communities. In fact, during a field trip to the NGO ORFED, we noticed that the poultry farmers are facing a problem concerning the real needs in terms of acquiring day-old chicks. Although CAMEROON's major concern with poultry production is to reduce the massive importation of poultry products such as frozen chicken, there are serious problems in keeping pace with market demand (very low supply); low production favored by factors such as the cost of acquisition of the high chick, the scarcity and unavailability of chicks on the market. Following the fact that the production of chicks was done by hand and with a very low yield, we present an approach which consists in making a synthesis of the different incubators that can be accessed; design a model of adapted equipment; size and choose the elements of our incubator.