Effect of Mononuclear Cells on Morphometric of Kidney parameters in Hyperglycemic Rat | Abstract
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Effect of Mononuclear Cells on Morphometric of Kidney parameters in Hyperglycemic Rat

Author(s): Fariba Salmani, Durdi Qujeq, and Farideh Feizi

In recent years have attracted much attention that hyperglycemia may exert its negative effect on the kidney. The objective of this practical work is to investigate the mononuclear cells(MNCs) protective effect against the hyperglycemic renal complication. Male rats (170–230 g) were made hyperglycemic by I.P. injection of alloxan monohydrate . The hyperglycemic state of the animal was confirmed by the demonstration of blood glucose levels 250 mg/dL one week after alloxan injection. Cord blood MNCs were isolated by a conventional centrifuge method through a Ficoll-density gradient. For characterization of MNCs in bloods was determined using flow cytometry. Seven days after alloxan injection hyperglycemic rats were assigned to either an untreated group or a MNCs treated group. In the MNCs -treated group, rats were implanted with to deliver 2-3*106 of cells on day 10 and again on day 20. The MNCs cells transplanted to the rats through the tail vein. Sixteen weeks after treatment, the rats were sacrificed, and kidneys were rapidly removed and weighed. Our most important finding was that kidney volume, and medulla volume no significant difference were observed between treated rats with mononuclear cells and untreated hyperglycemic rats. In contrast, the results obtained here indicate that the volume density of capillaries and serum urea level significant differences were observed between the two groups. MNC cells may be exerts a protective effect against renal injury