Gas identification by ultrasonically catalyzed single-sensors | Abstract
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Gas identification by ultrasonically catalyzed single-sensors

Author(s): Junhui Hu

Gas identification by a single sensing element is a challenging and promising technology. In this report, we demonstrate a novel gas identification strategy, which is based on a single-sensor sensor radiated by ultrasound. The identification is based on different ultrasonic catalysis effect on the steady sensing responses of an ultrasonically radiated MOS or catalytic combustible gas sensor to different gase analytes. It does not need a complicated feature extraction computation. Our experiments show that the success rate of identification can be up to 100% if strong enough ultrasound is employed. The identification process can also measure the concentration of the gas to be identified. The identification result is immune to the interference of impurity gases to some extent. The anti-interference capability can also be strengthened by increasing the ultrasonic vibration velocity.