Hydraulic integration technology for lower limb active Prosthetics | Abstract
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Hydraulic integration technology for lower limb active Prosthetics

Author(s): A.Abdellatif

Prosthetic devices are nowadays one of the most important branches of biorobotics. The goal of giving back to amputees the possibility to carry out daily activities on their own represents a fascinating challenge for both medical and engineering researchers alike. A lower prosthetic device replaces a lost lower human body part and acts as a real lower limb replacement for. people with lower extremity amputation. One of the important research points is the actuation of prosthetics. Hydraulic actuation normally ensures high power to weight ratio, absence of mechanical couplings between the motor and the load, steady intermitted torques, high force controllability, shock and vibration absorption, the ability to adapt in uneven locomotion environments in addition to the possibility to apply compliance at its end effector. However, the usage of hydraulics requires a hydraulic power pack for torque generation in addition to cumbersome heavy hydraulic piping for power transmission.