Isolation of Micro-Organism from Rice Fields of Jabalpur Region | Abstract
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Isolation of Micro-Organism from Rice Fields of Jabalpur Region

Author(s): Neelima Raipuria, Seema Paroha, Reshma Parveen*

Rice fields are important and unique in ecosystems because of presence of variety of biologically important microorganism. In India rice cultivation was developed to increase yield and to meet the need of food security. Previously data have shown no. of micro-organism also present in rice field’s soil. This organism has many positive effects on the soil ecosystem, such as production of soil nutrients, reduction of soil and water pollution and increment of minerals in soil by their own biological process. Rice is an economically important food crop and it is subjected to infection by a host of fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens. The aims of this study are to investigate the microbial community in the rice paddy field. For this root associated bacteria and fungi were isolated from the rice plant root and soil from the rice field of Jabalpur region. Total 69 species of fungi and 31 species of bacteria were isolated from the different rice fields of Jabalpur region.