Mice with thyrotoxicosis exhibit lipotoxicity and immunosenescence | Abstract
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Mice with thyrotoxicosis exhibit lipotoxicity and immunosenescence

Author(s): Abdul Khan*

Currently, COVID-19 is a widespread outbreak that has been linked to aging. For COVID-19, immunosenescence may be a serious and predisposing factor. In addition, a lot of infectious infections are age-related in clinics, and senior patients have worse prognoses and longer hospital stays. Finding appropriate aging models is crucial for battling age-related disorders and improving the prognosis of aged people. In this investigation, routine detection and serum metabonomics in mice were used to examine the connection between thyrotoxicosis and aging. In thyrotoxicosis mice, standard blood tests and flow cytometry revealed a considerable reduction in neutrophils, lymphocytes, CD4+/CD8+, and CD4+IFN-+ lymphocytes. Biochemical analysis in conjunction with a serum metabolomics analysis revealed that a serious disorder of lipid metabolism, including lower cholesterol levels, lower levels of VD and bile acids, high levels of glucocorticoids, triglycerides, free fatty acids, Sphingolipids, and a decrease in docosanoids, D