Near Helipad, Automatic Guidance System (NeHAGS) | Abstract
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Near Helipad, Automatic Guidance System (NeHAGS)

Author(s): Salman Afghani, Arslan Arshad and Muhammad Ishfaq Javed

During the Landing Phase of the flight of a helicopter human error is the main cause of Fatal accidents. Factors such as Fatigue, Mood, Lack of attention and etc. can lead to loss of precious lives. Near Helipad Automatic Guidance System (NeHAGS) uses Machine Vision to Recognize and Track a specifically designed Landing Marker. And produces both audio and video commands for the guidance of a pilot in landing of a helicopter. Such a system not just increases safety level, it also reduces mental stress by reducing the demand of skill involved in landing a helicopter. The proposed system is very simple fast and compact because instead of relying on complicated and computationally demanding techniques such as Freak, Orb, Surf and etc. NeHAGS is based on our indigenous approach which draws its strength from the design of the Landing Marker.