Similar Mechanical Forces In Hemimandible Goat Breeds | Abstract
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Similar Mechanical Forces In Hemimandible Goat Breeds

Author(s): Pere M. Parés-Casanova, Oluwale M. Samuel, James O. Olopade

The mammalian mandible is generally seen as a functional unit as a lever during biting. Allometry can be an
important factor that contributes to adaptative traits and its variation. The purpose of this study was to determine if
there is an allometric relationship in goat hemimandible. For this purpose, seven hemimandibles belonging to wild
Capra pyrenaica and 43 more belonging to different domestic goat breeds were studied. Digital photographs were
used to obtain two distances: from the temporo-mandibular to the middle of the cheek teeth row, and from the
temporo-mandibular  articulation  to  the  bottom  of  the  angular  process.  Our  analyses  determined  that  goat
hemimandibles exhibit positive allometry (r2=0.658), which hints at fundamental constraints in goats due to their
size differences. Nevertheless, in view of methodological constraints (exclusively morphometrical data, small sample
size, lateral landmarks...) we caution that this similar functional pattern of mandible can not online soma exclude adaptative