Statistical quality assessment of 3D Printed products | Abstract
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Statistical quality assessment of 3D Printed products

Author(s): Essam Soliman

The present research considered the effects of different 3D printing parameters on quality of 3D printed prod­ucts. The parameters included nozzle size, printing direc­tion and product materials. The quality assessment measures included surface finish and dimensional. Products were printed using the FDM technology. A full factorial set of experiments were con­ducted. For each experiment, dimensions and surface roughness measurement were taken at different locations of the products. Experimental results showed that the product quality is comparable to IT12 to IT16 manufac­turing processes. Statistical analysis of results showed that the different printing parameters affects significantly the quality assessment measures. For relatively large dimen­sions, the material and nozzle size do not have a signifi­cant effect on dimensional accuracy.