Tactile Hallucinations Alleviated by Pselaphesia Counterstimulation: A case report | Abstract
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Tactile Hallucinations Alleviated by Pselaphesia Counterstimulation: A case report

Author(s): Shweta Kalita, Nikita Mehdiratta*, Drushti Birwatkar and Alan Hirsch

Objective: Treatment of haptic hallucinations using tactile counter stimulation. Introduction: The specific management through applying tactile counter stimulation for haptic hallucination has not heretofore been presented.

Case presentation: This 23-year-old right-handed male with nine past hospitalizations for depression, alcohol abuse, and manic episodes presents with means of the perception that hands were touching him and sexually stimulating him. He would feel the specter’s hand or arm but not see the person. Usually, it was the same friendly woman. He would feel the touch around his chest, shoulders, or genitals. Her fingers would move in one place for 2 minutes-5 minutes, and occur 6 times-8 times a day. He would sometimes feel her elbows on his breasts, and the sensation would resolve when he put his hand on the region where the sensations were felt and would recur when he removed his hand.

• Mental Status Examination: Alert. Oriented x2 . Cooperative, poor judgment and insight.

• Immediate Recall: able to recall six digits forwards and four digits backward. Interpretation of similarities concretely. Animal Fluency Test: 15 (abnormal).

• Columbia Suicide Severity Risk Scale: 25 (very severe suicide ideation).

Conclusions: Tactile counter stimulation may have acted as a distractor, causing a change of focus from the hallucinations to the actual physical stimulus. Alternatively, through stimulating large sensory fibers, potential sources of such tactile hallucinations, including the posterior cingulate cortex, may have been inhibited. In those who present with tactile hallucinations, a trial of counter stimulation tactile therapy may be worthwhile