Yeasts Contamination in Drinking Water in Kano, Nigeria | Abstract
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Yeasts Contamination in Drinking Water in Kano, Nigeria

Author(s): *A. Hassan and D. W. Taura

Water used for domestic purposes is ideally required to be free from contaminants. Various contaminants have frequently affect the quality of such water. This study was carried out to determine the frequency of occurrence of yeasts in 2 different sources of household’s drinking water. A total of 173 water samples were collected from four different Local Government Areas of Kano State, Nigeria. Samples were processed by using membrane filter, followed by subsequent cultivation on agar plates. A total of 108 isolates of yeasts were isolated and identified using microscopic and biochemical methods. Candida spp were most frequent with total 77 (71.3%) occurrence from both sources of water. The least was Geotrichum spp with total frequency of 6 (5.6%) from both sources. Among the Candida, C. krusei shows the highest frequency of occurrence in both sources. C. kefei was the least in terms of occurrence with only 1 occurrence in stored water and none in well water. Dala and Gwale Local Governments reported the highest level of contamination. Poor hygienic and sanitation practices of sources of drinking water were thought to be associated with the occurrence of these organisms.