Antimicrobial Resistance and Drug Discovery
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Annals of Experimental Biology

Letter - Annals of Experimental Biology ( 2023) Volume 11, Issue 1

Antimicrobial Resistance and Drug Discovery

Neha Singh1*, Vibhuti Rai2, Kamlesh Jain3, Nirmal Verma3, O. P. Sharma4 and CKM Tripathi5
1Virology Lab, Department of Microbiology, Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur, 492001, Chhattisgarh, India
2Department of Microbiology, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, 492001, Chhattisgarh, India
3Department of Community Medicine, Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur, 492001, Chhattisgarh, India
4Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi, 110001, India
5Fermentation Technology Division, Central Drug Research Institute, CSIR, Lucknow, 226001, India
*Corresponding Author:
Neha Singh, Virology Lab, Department of Microbiology, Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur, 492001, Chhattisgarh, India, Email:

Received: 22-Dec-2022, Manuscript No. aeb-22-84449; Editor assigned: 27-Dec-2022, Pre QC No. aeb-22-84449 (PQ); Reviewed: 03-Jan-2023, QC No. aeb-22-84449 (Q); Revised: 10-Jan-2023, Manuscript No. aeb-22-84449 (R); Published: 20-Jan-2023

Dear Editor,

This article is conferred about antimicrobial resistance and need of drug discovery. In our various earlier research, we have focused on the isolation, purification and characterization of new antimicrobial compounds from microbial sources. As we all know that an international threat to health and development is Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). To attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), urgent multisector act is needed. Antimicrobial resistance is one of the top 10 worldwide public health hazards to humanity. Drug-resistant infections are mostly brought on by the improper use and overuse of antibiotics. The proliferation of bacteria, some of which may be resistant to antibiotic therapy, is encouraged by a lack of clean water, proper sanitation, and effective infection prevention and control. The economic burden of AMR is substantial. Long-term disease not only increases the risk of mortality and incapacity but also elongates hospital stays, necessitates the use of more expensive medications, and puts a burden on the finances of those affected. Without efficient antimicrobials, infections would be more difficult to treat in modern medicine, notably during major surgery and cancer chemotherapy. Streptomyces sp. has been great source of antimicrobial compounds and still various strains needs to be explored from scientists. In our previous study we have discovered various strains of Streptomyces producing novel antibacterial and antifungal compounds from unexplored region of Chhattisgarh [1-5]. Authors have isolated and purified active metabolites which were found to be active against various human pathogens [6]. Further authors suggested to conduct extensive screening programme for the isolation of antimicrobial producing cultures of Streptomyces to discover new antimicrobial compounds from unexplored region of Chhattisgarh and screening out them against various multiple drug resistance pathogens for the public health wellness.