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Adiguzel Osman

Firat University, Turkey


  • Editorial   
    Stress Induced Martensitic Transformation and Ordered Parent Phase
    Author(s): Adiguzel Osman

    Superelasticity is also result of the stress induced martensitic transformation and ordered parent phase structures turn into the detwinned martensite structures. Copper based alloys exhibit this property in metastable β-phase region, which has bcc-based structures at high temperature parent phase field. Lattice twinning and invariant shears are not uniform in these alloys, and the ordered parent phase structures martensitically undergo the non-conventional complex layered structures on cooling. The long-period layered structures can be described by different unit cells as 3R, 9R or 18R depending on the stacking sequences on the close-packed planes of the ordered lattice... Read More»

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