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Alice Brown

Dr, Editorial office, Annals of Experimental Biology, Uxbridge, United Kingdom


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    Probiotics may play a role in the microbiota,and illnesses, including the potential prevention and treatment of cancer
    Author(s): Alice Brown*

    Probiotics are living, non-pathogenic bacteria that have been shown to be advantageous to their host. They are crucial in the prevention and treatment of both infectious and non-infectious disorders. Finding ways to lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy is crucial because cancer is the leading cause of mortality in the world. The ability of probiotics to treat and recover from various cancers through the production of secondary metabolites is one of their important properties. The effects of several probiotic species on the therapy of cancer have been studied up to this point. In order to utilise these essential bacteria in treating many neoplastic disorders, this review investigates the association between probiotics and the treatment of various diseases, such as cancer.   .. Read More»
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