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Demet Castilo

Dr., Editorial office, Annals of Experimental Biology, Uxbridge, United Kingdom


  • Perspective   
    Analysis of VIM Expression Across Cancer Types in Human Cancer Tissues
    Author(s): Demet Castilo*

    More than 19 million cancer cases are expected to be detected in 2020. Early detection is one of the best routes for patients to more efficient therapy with the potential of being cured. As an intermediate filament protein, vimentin (VIM) is widely expressed in mesenchymal cells. Numerous biological processes, including cellular component assembly and biogenesis, metabolic processes, and biological regulation, are controlled by VIM. A growing body of research suggests that the VIM gene’s (VIM) expression is messed up in carcinomas during the epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Here, using data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, we performed an extensive analysis of the VIM gene expression and promoter methylation profile in 19 different cancer types (TCGA). .. Read More»
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