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Homeira Faridnejad

Ph.D. Candidate in Department of Physics, East Carolina University, Howell Science Complex, Greenvil, United States


  • Review Article   
    The impact of physicochemical modification on iron oxide nanoparticle relaxation enhancement in biomedical imaging in the anticancer sector
    Author(s): Homeira Faridnejad*

    The usage of iron oxide nanoparticles for medical applications is also common. The FDA has given Ferumoxytol permission to treat anemia in CKD patients. Due to their tiny size and built-in imaging capability, iron oxide nanoparticles are excellent candidates for Theranostics applications. In this regard, several preliminary clinical proof-of-concept investigations have already been carried out. Among them is the application of ferumoxytol as an additional diagnostic tool in tumor-specific Nano therapeutic settings. Numerous Theranostics iron oxide-based nanoparticles have been created and put through testing for use in drug delivery, particularly for cancer, and are frequently paired with magnetic drug targeting or magnetic fluid hyperthermia. Microbubbles containing iron oxide nanoparticles can assist in gathering important data on the efficacy of sonoporation, which has the potentia.. Read More»
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