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  • Research Article   
    Low reaction-to-fire polymer filament : formulation, 3D printability modeling and fire testing
    Author(s): Naze T, Poutch F, Jimenez M, Bonnet F and Bourbigot S

    Additive manufacturing and especially Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology is mature enoughfor industrialisation. Indeed, many works about new composite filaments for 3D-printing and3D-printability are reported1,2.However most of them only focus on one specific aspect such as temperature changes3, bond formation4 or rheology5instead of performing a systemic approach. In addition to this, fewpapersdeal with 3D printing and fire properties6. The objective of this studyis to develop new filament for FDM/FFF with low reaction to fire in order to fulfil the rail and aeronautic fire requirements. First, the development of a proper definition of 3D-printability and of a mathematical model to determine this 3D-printability was investigated. All the parameters influencing the 3D-printability were determined and the Buckingham theory was applied to determine the dimensionless numbers inf.. Read More»

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