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Magnus S Magnusson

University of Iceland, United States


  • Short Communication   
    Temporal Structure of Neuronal, Animal and Human Behaviour and in Information Molecules and Texts
    Author(s): Magnus S Magnusson

    Billions of years ago, the RNA world invented extra individual purely informational T-strings, DNA, and soon there was only the DNA world of DNA based mass-social proteins (cells). Billions of years later in a multicellular world, humans invented extra individual purely informational T-strings – TEXT, and now nearly all human life is TEXT-based and mass-social unique self-similarity allowing in an eye blink the advent of modern science, and technology. -- DNA has nano scale elements, but TEXT can be of any scale. Conclusion & Significance: Only mass-societies of proteins and humans rely on massively copied and distributed segments of giant T-strings for the creation of specialized citizens suggesting that culture and biology are one... Read More»

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