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Myakhdadag B

Department of Zoological Science, Institute of Animal Husbandry, Khan-uul District, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, Russia


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    Research Study Result of Milk Production of Dual Purpose Bugan Khaliun Cattle
    Author(s): Baatartuya D* and Myakhdadag B

    Nuclear herd of dual purpose “Bugan khaliun” breed has been rearing in Batsumber county of Tuv province. According to scientific methodology of successful breeding and selection process on the cattle herd for decades, the novel dual propose breed was approved by A-218th order of 2020 from minister of food, agriculture and light industry based on report of inspection from national committee and named as “Bugan khaliun”. Number of versions of breeding, rearing and feeding managements are available for the current novel cattle breed stock in environment of our country and most profitable version is to pasture rearing in warm seasons and enclosed barn rearing in cold seasons technology. We consider the version as pasture, semi-indoor rearing management. There are numerous examples of farms implementing the method and many of them are farms in Bat.. Read More»

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