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Peter Smith

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    interactions between viruses and hosts during tick-borne bunyavirus infection
    Author(s): Peter Smith*

    The Bunyavirales order, which includes newly and reemerging human, plant, and animal pathogens, is the biggest grouping of RNA viruses. Bunyaviruses are found throughout the world, and many of them are spread by arthropods. In hosts of diverse phylogenies, they have evolved a variety of methods to interfere with the regulatory functions of the infected cell to facilitate their own replicative cycle. The study of virus-vector interactions is gaining popularity quickly. However, studies done in mammalian systems dominate current knowledge of the cellular interaction of tickborne bunyavirus. In this succinct overview, we summarise our current knowledge of how important cellular pathways (innate immunity, apoptosis, and RNAi responses) in mammalian or tick cells are used by tick-borne bunyaviruses to promote virus replication. .. Read More»
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